10 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas That Will Make Your Big Day

Faux Jewels - Small RollSaying thank you is usually more than enough. But not in weddings. The bride and groom mouthing the word of thanks to each of the guests won’t encapsulate the depth of gratitude that they have for them for their attendance and presents. This is when wedding favors come in. Yes, wedding favors can be costly, but not if you make them yourself. DIY wedding favors are not only a lot cheaper but also more personal and sincere. Here are top DIY wedding favor ideas that you’d love.

  1. Honey Wedding Favors – Show off your sweet side by giving away honey wedding favors. No, you don’t have to establish a bee farm to get a hold of these DIY wedding favors. Buy individual vials of high quality honey. Then wrap each of the vial with printed paper wrapper. Tie it off with a cute raffia ribbon with a personal message to your guests.
  2. Bite-Size Breakfast – Buy miniature picnic baskets in bulk online. Then bake (or buy) some mini cookies and other pastries. Fill up the baskets with these goodies. Finish off with a plaid ribbon bow on the handle. Don’t forget to add the note of thanks!
  3. Coffee Beans – Entice your coffee loving guests with these fabulous wedding favors. Buy a roll of canvass from the cloth store. Cut to make several 7 x 4 inch cloths. Fold in half and sew on three sides. Leave one side open, as this is where you’re going to put in the coffee beans. Stamp your monogram on the front side. Tie off with a raffia ribbon to secure the coffee beans inside.
  4. Fortune Cookies – If you have a knack for baking, create decadent cookies for your guests. Put them inside cute little boxes. Be sure to add a strip of paper where you’ll write down a generic prediction. Make sure that all your predictions are positive. You want guests leaving the affair with a smile on their faces.
  5. Address Book Favors – These useful giveaways will help your guests stay in touch. It would be a great idea if you can find old paper around the house with a blank side. Bind these to form mini address books. Stamp your names on the cover.
  6. Bookmark Giveaways – These ones are very easy to make. All you have to do is to find cardstock with printed design that complements the wedding theme. Then cut a bunch of 2 x 7 inch bookmarks. Punch the other end and tie with a ribbon of your choice. Stamp the wedding date at the other side.
  7. Paper Bag Treats with Photo – An eco-friendly wedding favor with a twist. Print or paste a photo of you and your beau on the paper before filling it up with various luscious treats.
  8. Mini Pails with Candy Treats – Speaking of treats, candies and chocolates are always a major hit. Make these favors more interesting by putting them in adorable miniature galvanized pails.
  9. Cootie Catcher Wedding Favor – Who doesn’t have fun playing cootie catcher? Guests would love and enjoy these simple but memorable wedding favors.
  10. Sand and Shell Test Tube Gifts – Perfect for a beach wedding, these favors are created by putting sand and small shells inside a test tube. Seal with a cork and wrap with ribbon.


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