12 Stunning Wedding Decorating Ideas For This Summer

Laser Expressions Hummingbird Die Cut CardSummer is a great time to tie the knot. With the sun shining brightly and everyone in a jovial mood, it surely is a good season to commit to the person of your dreams. It’s no wonder many couples choose to get wed during the summer. If you’re one of them, don’t tie the knot without checking out these fabulous wedding decorating ideas.

  1. Lemon Leaf Chair Back Decors – Lemon leaves are not only pleasing for the eyes but also for the nose and pockets. They can be a total bargain or even free if you have a lemon tree in your own backyard. To use these, wrap stems using floral wire and wire each to the seats. Attach a colorful bow for the finishing touch.
  2. Blooming Backdrop – Use flowers in a unique way. On a wide banner or on the wall, tape vertical rows of long-stemmed flowers that are not prone to wilting. These include peonies, carnations, lilies and orchids.
  3. Sweet Snow Cone Station – This cooling station serves more than one purpose. On one hand, it cools down the guests. On the other, it can serve as a colorful décor. Stock it up with cups, ice, and cocktail snow cones like cosmo, margarita, mojito and daiquiri. The more colorful, the better.
  4. Patterned Cocktail Stirrers – Turn plain stirrers into works of art. How? Attach colorful patterned paper on one end of the cocktail stirrers so they look like mini flags. Go for a variety of patterns to make this décor more eye-catching.
  5. Sunscreen Station – This one is a functional décor that guests would truly appreciate. Get a cupcake tower stand. Stack neatly on each layer a bunch of sunscreen wipes. These are pre-packed towelettes moistened with sunscreen. On top of the cake stand, attach a small blackboard and write down what these items are for.
  6. Cool Off Station – While the sweet cone station will refresh your guests’ throats, this one will cool off their entire bodies. First, dip towels in ice water. Roll them up after wringing them out. Put these on a pail. Keep guests hydrated with lemon flavored water. Throw in some spritzers, parasols and sunscreen wipes.
  7. Apple String Chair Back Décor – String a bunch of apples together and then hang them from the back of the chair as décor. Cute, organic and splendid!
  8. Pinwheel Place Cards – You’ve been making pinwheels since you were a kid. Put this talent to good use by making pinwheels from colorful cardstock and using them as place cards.
  9. Paper Fan Wedding Décor – Create stunning garland décor by stringing together a dozen or more of colorful paper fans. You can make the paper fans yourself or buy in bulk online.
  10. Citrus Centerpiece – Tie yellow taffeta ribbons around lemons and pile them up in a tall clear vase for a vibrant centerpiece.
  11. Sea Urchin Candle Holders – Purchase faux sea urchins from the craft store. In each of these, prop up a skinny candle. Take a bunch of sea urchin candleholders and put in the center of table.
  12. Paper-Boat Appetizer Holder – Like the pinwheels, you also probably know how to make paper boats. Fill these paper boats with nuts, candies, chocolates, and other sweet treats that guests can munch on while waiting for the main course to be served.

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