20 Fun Wedding Ideas

Fun Wedding IdeasWeddings used to be serious and formal, sometimes to the point of being stiff. It’s like you can’t have fun in your own wedding because you have to appear dainty and demure. Luckily, things have changed. You’re lucky to be getting married at a time when brides are allowed to let their hair down and have fun. These fun ideas below will show you how to have a grand time on your special day.

  1. Spread around fortune cookies with funny quotes about marriage. One good example: “marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life!”Welcome guests with a twist.
  2. Jump up from a hidden spot beside the entrance and greet them with bouquets of flowers.
  3. Infuse a bit of humor in the vows that you exchange during the ceremony. Don’t go overboard though as not to offend the conservative guests.
  4. Have the DJ crack interesting jokes or funny trivia about you and your groom to lighten up the mood during the reception.
  5. Dance down the aisle. Instead of walking down the aisle like all other brides, make yours a dance so that it would be a fun atmosphere for everyone.
  6. Allow a little bride and groom roast during the toast. The best man and maid of honor can include funny stories about you and your groom.
  7. Wear comical disguises like colorful wigs when you arrive at the reception. Take it off and reveal your true selves.
  8. Look for funny ways for the first kiss. Have the host tell everyone that in order to make the couple kiss, somebody needs to go up the stage and sing at least a line from the couple’s list of favorite songs.
  9. Play the Roman Hands and Russian Fingers game. To play this game, your maid of honor will blindfold you. The best man will place three small clips on different areas of the groom’s body. These should be in places that are quite hard to find like in the shoelaces or at the back of the head. The bride will need to find each of the clips with her hands. The guests will shout out “warmer!” or “colder!” as the bride’s hands go nearer to or farther from the clips.
  10. Set up a small booth with funny props that guests can use to take wacky photos of themselves.
  11. Get the humorous photos from the photo booth and have them featured in a slideshow during the reception.
  12. Give trivia question cards to the guests. The questions should be about you and your groom. In between sets, have the host ask the guests for answers. For every correct answer, the guests get a prize.
  13. Play the roll the dice game. This is also a funny alternative to the tradition of tapping forks against the glasses to make the bride and groom kiss. For this one, have other couples roll a pair of dice and if they land on an even number, the bride and groom kiss but if it’s an odd number, the couple who rolled the dice would have to kiss.
  14. In lieu of the traditional bouquet toss, have bachelorettes guess the number of marbles inside a big jar. The one who guesses right wins the bouquet.
  15. Play musical chairs with a twist. Instead of chairs, the guys would be the one you have to sit on. Of course, only unmarried women can play this game.
  16. Have a good old-fashioned raffle draw. Prizes should be interesting like a special wedding favor or a decadent dessert.
  17. Show an audio video presentation of the couple’s love story or have a pair of friends re-enact your love story in a funny way.
  18. Sing for your guests. Gone are the days when song numbers can only be done by the wedding singer. Serenade your guests with your favorite couple songs.
  19. Give away unique DIY favors that you’ve crafted yourself.
  20. Grab your groom and rush to the photo booth to take funny photos of yourselves!

It’s your day. Nothing should stop you from having fun!

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