50 Wedding Ideas For 2012

Funny Couple At The BeachAre you going to have a wedding this 2012? If you are like most brides, you would probably be looking for new wedding trends as well as unique concepts and ideas to turn your big day into something that is out of the box. This list of 50 marvelous wedding ideas for 2012 would help you achieve that.

  1. Wear a red wedding gown. Colored wedding gowns have become the latest trend in wedding fashion. It is bold, daring, and the perfect way to make a statement.
  2. Have an intimate wedding affair. Invite only close family and friends. Nowadays, big extravagant weddings are not anymore expected or seen as practical.
  3. Fly off to an exotic location to say your “I do.” Barbados, Bora-Bora, Phuket, Bali, or the Bahamas—take your pick!
  4. Skip the veil and wear another kind of headpiece. Opt for a wide brimmed hat, a floral headwear, or a princess tiara.
  5. Hold a fun lottery game during the reception.
  6. Have a honeymoon registry. This can be used in lieu of the regular wedding registry.
  7. Opt for a breakfast reception. This is something new, and something that would give your pockets a relief.
  8. Give disposable cameras to family and friends so they can capture priceless candid moments during the event.
  9. Sing while walking down the aisle. Who said that only the wedding singer could sing during this event?
  10. Do something new with the wedding traditions. Instead of tossing the bouquet, why not have a “pass the bouquet” game for more fun and excitement?
  11. Serve vegetarian dishes during the reception. Vegetarian dishes need not be exotic vegetable dishes that guests would not enjoy. You can serve delectable carrot cakes, stir-fried vegetables, green salad, artichokes, pasta with marinara sauce, and so many more.
  12. Go green! Reduce consumption of energy by opting for a day time outdoor wedding and give away eco-favors like flower packet seeds and mini potted plants.
  13. Wow the guests by having a unique entrance by riding a helicopter or a jet ski.
  14. Hold the wedding at night. The night provides a romantic ambiance for your wedding ceremony.
  15. Have a 1940’s or 1950’s wedding theme that would transport you back in time.
  16. Choose an exotic venue. Not often do you see couples get married in a safari or on a mountain cliff.
  17. Give souvenir invites. These are invitations and souvenirs rolled into one. Even if the guest would not be able to attend, he/she would still have something to remember your big day with.
  18. Have a scrapbook guest book that you made yourself instead of the regular one.
  19. Pass around a journal book in lieu of the guest book where guests can jot down their fondest memory of the bride and groom.
  20. Decorate the whole wedding venue yourself with the help of your family and friends. DIY weddings are still very big this year.
  21. Send e-vites instead of paper invitations to save paper, ink, and energy.
  22. Make a musical video presentation to be played during the reception.
  23. Decorate tables with centerpieces that can double as wedding favors. A tiered stand with mini potted plants is a good example.
  24. Make a documentary film on your love story and play this during the reception program.
  25. Hire a caricaturist to draw your guests. Sign the artwork and give this as a wedding favor.
  26. Scribble personal notes on each of the wedding favors. The personal touch would make the favor more meaningful.
  27. Have an assortment of cupcakes to stand in for the wedding cake.
  28. Serve cocktails or finger foods during the reception. This is a delicious way to give your pockets a break.
  29. Hire a face painter to paint your guests’ faces according to the theme.
  30. Have a dessert or tea reception in the middle of the afternoon.
  31. Invite your guests to a surprise wedding reception. This works great if you had a secret destination wedding.
  32. Create a website for your wedding to keep family and friends updated regarding the wedding details.
  33. Don’t keep the kids out. Weddings usually try to ban the kids. Make your event more youthful and fun by including the children.
  34. Write an online blog where guests can keep track of planning and preparations for your wedding.
  35. Use a cake topper with a funny twist.
  36. Give away homemade cookies or cupcakes as favors.
  37. Let the bridesmaids choose the style for their dress. As long as they keep up with the theme and color motif, it’s all good!
  38. Say no to vanilla and chocolate. Choose a unique flavor for your wedding cake such as carrot, cranberry, or pumpkin.
  39. Shop for wedding items online. This would save you time, energy, and money!
  40. Wear a mini wedding dress. Super short dresses are making their way to wedding fashion this year.
  41. Pick bright and vivid colors for your motif.
  42. Hold the wedding ceremony in your own backyard or garden.
  43. Enter the ceremony venue through a non-linear wedding aisle. It can be a circular aisle or a multiple-aisle.
  44. Give out practical wedding favors and thank you gifts that the guests could actually use in their everyday lives.
  45. Go for a rock and roll theme and hire rock bands to play during your wedding. This is perfect for a young couple with high spirits. Warn the elderly guests prior to the event.
  46. Opt for balloon decorations in lieu of flower decors
  47. Decorate the table with an edible centerpiece that guests can devour during or after the meal.
  48. Sing your wedding vows.
  49. Recite your wedding vows as poems.
  50. Wear your hair down. Not only literally. Don’t stress yourself too much, let loose, enjoy, relax, and have a blast!

Having a wedding 2012 is all about elegance, simplicity, drama, fun, and unique ideas that would help make this event something that people would never forget. You do not have to do all the ideas mentioned in this article, but you would surely want to include a bit of these and then use the others as inspiration to come up with your own unique wedding ideas.

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