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Classic Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony


Most modern brides are after unique ideas and out of the box concepts. They all want to have an extraordinary and distinct wedding that is perfect for the contemporary times of today. The thing is you are not like most brides. You have a classic taste and you want your wedding ceremony to be as [...]

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Luminous Mini-Lanterns

There are hundreds of wedding reception decoration ideas based on the location, season, colors or the couple’s preferences. Unique, themed decoration ideas make your special day more fun and memorable. Have a look at our reception decor in the store and browse our products to get an idea. Click here! Start with a specific theme [...]

Plan Your Wedding without Compromising Your Dreams

Happy Couple on Beach Illustration

Sticking to your wedding budget doesn’t mean compromising your dreams. Rather, sticking to it will bring your fantasy to life without compromising your future finances. Moreover, that way you prove you are ready for the responsibilities of married life. One of the first steps brides do to get inspired is joining a wedding community, here [...]

Creative Concepts Start With a Theme

Beautiful flower

Creative wedding ideas start with a special theme. Create a professional feeling throughout your day with ideas based on certain colors and themes. No matter what your vision is, one of a kind concepts bring your desires to life. Here are some awesome links for deciding on a wedding theme: Wedding favours by theme: Hundreds [...]

Bring Sparkling Warmth to Your Winter Wedding Ceremony

Winter wedding decorations bring sparkling warmth to a chilly, wintry day. From the snow to holidays, seasonal decor celebrate your love and the spirit of this special season. During the winter, we think of fireplaces, holidays and snow-covered peaks. Choose a location that brings winter to life, such as an old-fashioned inn with a working [...]

Inexpensive Wedding Favors Should Never Look Cheap

Lucky in Love

Your inexpensive wedding favors should never look cheap or cheesy. After all, these keepsakes thank guests for sharing your day and become lasting keepsakes when the party is over. The following link leads you to wedding keepsakes for your guests that cost less than $2.00: Select wedding favors carefully so they look attractive without going [...]

DIY Wedding Hairpiece


Posted by Tara from, this is a DIY tutorial that will show you how to make a fabulous wedding hairpiece. For months before Tara’s own wedding, she had been seeing lots of DIY hairpiece and DIY fabric flower projects around the web. She says that they very quite doable and if nothing else, she states, it [...]

Fantastic Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

An Outdoor Wedding Venue

Outdoor weddings bring nature and love together in a beautiful way. Instead of being stuck indoors, outdoor wedding ideas give everyone a refreshing change of pace. No matter what the season, there are many ways to celebrate your love with Mother Nature. Have a look at this fabulous wedding video by Preston Bailey and discover [...]

Casual Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

Mini Lanterns with Hanger

Couples today opt for less traditional to a more relaxed and fun-filled setting for their big day. Among the more popular choices for couples who want a romantic yet informal wedding is holding the ceremony at the beach. Beach weddings are less restricted than the traditional church ceremonies, making it an ideal choice for couples [...]

This Week’s Wedding News {Friday 10/19/12}

Portable - Gathering Mailing Lists for Weddings

Gather all your Mailing Addresses for free with Postable It’s now super easy to gather all your mailing addresses. And yes, it’s all free. Postable gives you a personal link that you can send out ( Your Guests fill out a 10 second form and your Address Book magically fills with up-to-date info for everybody. [...]

Outdoor Wedding Ideas Are Naturally Fun

Beach Wedding Image

Outdoor wedding ideas naturally bring more fun to your special day. Get outside and enjoy to get your guests to celebrate your love along with Mother Nature. Outdoor weddings offer many benefits. Your guests won’t have to travel from your ceremony to the wedding reception location. You save money by having both your ceremony and [...]

DIY Rose Candy Favors

A fantastic idea by Chelsea Fuss from Project Wedding Blog, who explains that this favor is inspired by the romance of the ballet. Dotted with tulle, velvet ribbon, and French rose candies they would be the perfect keepsakes at a white wedding theme. Chelsea has some wonderful pictures of the favors on her post and [...]

DIY Weddings And Cost Savings

Tulle Wedding Decor

Money is the biggest factor for going DIY on your wedding. As you know, buying wedding items and hiring professionals to do tasks for you can cost a lot. And if you’re a little tight on the budget, it would help greatly if you choose to do most of these things by yourself. In Canada, [...]

DIY Wedding Decorations That Look Professional

DIY Table Decor

Going DIY is an adventure that many brides are more than happy to embark on. But unfortunately, not all brides are creative and crafty. Some are worried that they won’t do a great job in dressing up their weddings. Don’t be afraid. With your bridesmaids to back you up and the internet ready to supply [...]

DIY Favor Supplies

Natural Miniature Woven Beach Bags

  DIY Favor Supplies For The Crafty Bride While some brides leave everything to the wedding planner and suppliers, there are those who prefer to be more hands-on. Crafty brides in particular prefer to turn wedding essentials into DIY projects. A very good example of these is the wedding favors. Making your own wedding favors [...]