A Magnificent Winter Wedding with Winter Wedding Decorations

A perfect place to have a winter wedding would be an inn with a fireplace, or a historic mansion, or a private club that will still have intimate warmth. You need carols for the music; the church can be decorated with ivy’s and berries. Popular all-white blooms include crisp white tulips, exotic orchids, hydrangeas full of dusty country romance, and dramatic foliage like seed eucalyptus in silver.

It can be finished off with a platinum-gray bouquet wrap with muscular jewel colours like burgundy or maroon, or even a simple nosegay of roses ranging from crimson to black magic, or a striking hand-tied bouquet of deep maroon callas. By using creative and beautiful decorations you can make the whole ceremony look good in the photographs which you will cherish for life.

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Red and green are natural colors for winter wedding decorations. It is likely that your church or reception area will already be decorated in red and green for other events and holiday parties. Don’t feel limited to this palate, though. You could incorporate silver and white, silver and light blue, burgundy, forest green, and gold, and gold with cream.

Flowers can be more expensive at this time of year. So, instead of going for flowers you can be creative and incorporate items that are easily available during winter. For simple but elegant look, put pots of poinsettia with a ribbon trim in the center of each table. A mirrored platter with pillar candles and sprigs of holly is both elegant and romantic. You could buy ornaments in bulk on-line, and create centerpieces of bowls or vases of ornaments or fill the room with light by arranging pillar candles on a bed of pine branches. Stringing strands of small white lights decorated round doorways, over table and on archways. Bright red cranberries in a bowl surrounding floating candles make an easy and inexpensive centerpiece. You could decorate the reception with miniature and life-size Christmas trees or commission an ice sculpture to decorate the reception hall.

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Snowflake ornaments and evergreen boughs will also create a winter atmosphere. Pine branches with lights intertwined in them fit a snowy theme, as do white and blue tulle. You can make or purchase white and silver snowflakes. Spread them on the tables or hang them from the ceiling. Small flakes of gold and silver can be sprinkled on white tablecloths and in other arrangements. Use silver serving pieces, glass or crystal drink wear and winter white dishes. Create a luxurious and romantic mood with wedding jewel table decoration scattered across tables. These bejeweled table decorations look beautiful when used as a table confetti, but they’re also striking when used on anchor silk flowers in cylinder vases.

Miniature Winter SnowglobesThe wedding coaster sets can have a silver background with snowflakes in order to bring out the theme. Silver, white and gold balloons can be set around the reception area. You can also decorate each table with miniature ice sculptures or make your own centerpiece by pushing craft beads into white, three-wick candle and surrounding with an evergreen wreath. Dress the tables in lace and use plenty of white candles in your decorations. If you want a fairy like winter wedding decoration, you can get a professional to drape the ceiling and walls with tulle or organza. It’s best to avoid the brighter, beachier colours (big punches of aqua blue just looks oddly tropical in a winter setting)

Treat your guests to an edible centerpiece by making gingerbread houses for each table. To make the centerpiece larger, put the house on a cupboard square and with frosting and candy make a snow-filled “yard”.

You could get stretchy gloves and fill them with candy and tie close with ribbons. Tiny snow globes, tiny ice skates, snowflake shaped candy or miniature soaps would also be a unique favor idea. Porcelain bells, glittery snowflakes, or delicate doves here your guest can decorate their tree. Another memorable winter wedding favors is a homemade miniature Christmas holiday favor tree, personalized with your own ornaments. Silver bells decorated with ribbon, white party crackers used as place names and filled with white chocolate, or miniature glass snowstorm globes depicting a winter scene and decorated with the name of the bride and groom are excellent ideas for a winter wedding decoration.

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds or scented aroma bead are excellent as favors. Decorating it with simple items such as baubles to whimsical wooden reindeers. Hang them on the tree. For edible favors, bake cookies in the shape of snowmen and decorate with icing. You could either hang them up on the tree or present them in an organza favor bags with a Christmas motif such as ivy. You could also opt for an in expensive homemade favors in pretty tin such as spiced hot chocolate mix or hot cocoa mix with marshmallows.

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