Add The Final Decoration Touch With A Wedding Ribbon

Colored Wedding RibbonsIf you think ribbons are only for wrapping gifts, you are wrong. These decorative items are more versatile than you realize. In weddings, they serve numerous purposes from beautifying the venue to adding flair to the wedding favors and more. Below, you’ll find some of the ways a wedding ribbon can add pizzazz to this special day.

Prettify your favors
Ribbons definitely add panache to even the dullest wedding favors. Before wrapping your wedding favors with the first ribbon you can grab from your stash, consider the size of the gift and material of the wrapper.  Stiff and wide ribbons are ideal for large favors. Use them as accent for favors that don’t need any wrapping. The ribbons should also complement the wrapping paper or fabric wrap, not only the material but also the theme and color. Printed ribbons can instantly personalize your wedding favors and make them look classier and meaningful.

Accents for the venue and tables
Dress up the table with long cuts of ribbons of alternative colors. Another creative idea is to hang thick wide ribbons from the ceiling as a focal point. The backs of chairs may also be embellished with huge ribbon bows. Turn plain table napkins into something festive with raffia ribbons plus a theme element like a seashell if you’re having a beach wedding. The table centerpiece can be adorned with satin or silk ribbons that complement the theme of the event.

Dressing up the cake
Ribbons are not only made of satin or silk. They can also be made of something edible like fondant, which is best used for the purpose of decorating a cake. In lieu of the edible ribbons, fabric ribbon strips may also be used as embellishments for your decadent cake. Even if you’re opting for a cupcake tower, ribbons can still play a role in adding flair to this.

Invitation embellishments
The wedding invitation is the first thing that guests would see about your wedding. Make a nice first impression by adorning your fabulous invitations with personalized ribbons. If you have a two-toned color motif, the cardstock can be printed with the first color and then the second color will be shown through the ribbon embellishment. For example, if you’re having a black and white wedding theme, the cardstock can be black (and printing is white of course) then the invite can be tied with a white satin ribbon with crystal trinket.

Final touches for the wedding flowers
Most wedding experts agree the bouquet and the rest of the flowers in the wedding won’t look as dazzling without the personalized ribbons. Yes, the flower blooms are gorgeous and refreshing on their own, but tied with the right color and material of ribbons, they look even more exquisite. Then there’s the aisle flower decoration, which would look bare without laces of ribbons cascading from one pew to another.

Making your wedding as pretty as you want it to be won’t be that hard if you use gorgeous ribbons as accents and decorative elements.

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