Adorable Accessories For A Flower Girl

It’s so cute seeing your little niece or cousin dressed up in her little poofy dress and high heels sprinkling flowers all down the aisle. I definitely want to spoil my little cousin and get her cute jewelry and a beautiful basket. I came across a couple flower baskets that are sweet and classy.

Flower Girl Basket with Classic Double Faced Satin Ribbon Bows is actually pretty elegant for a flower girl basket. I love the satin material, it just makes it look of such quality.

Flower Girl Basket

I also found a more detailed basket called Flower Girl Basket with Embroidered Sheer Trim & Bows. It’s really adorable how it has such delicate embroidery and cute bows. Besides flower baskets, I found a cute way to make a shirt for the flower girl.

You iron on this cute sheet that says flower girl with rhinestones, steel studs and crystals. It’d be perfect for any little girl and you could even iron it onto her favorite shirt. Well I suggest you take some time to pamper your favorite niece or cousin.

Flower Girl Basket

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