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 Question from Elosia:

Can you give me some ideas on attire for me and my husband for our 25th?  We are thinking of a hall in the daytime and renewing our vows. We are thinking of starting it at noon and ending it at 7 pm.

I was also thinking of getting my family (brothers, sisters, nephews, neices and in-laws) corsages and boutonnieres.

Answer from Bridal Expert Angela:

Hi Eloisa.  From your other questions, I know you are planning an informal or casual reception for your 25th Anniversary. 

You and your husband have a few choices for the renewal of your wedding vows.  You could wear what you wore at your wedding—full wedding gown, tuxedo, etc.  This is not practical for some people as they pass on their wedding dress to daughters, etc. or have other reasons for not doing their wedding attire.  The next option would be a formal gown, and tuxedo or suit for your husband.  Since you seem to be leaning towards an informal event, I would suggest you wear a nice dress, and your husband a suit. 

If you are longing for something beautiful and special, I would suggest a formal gown for yourself and a tuxedo or black suit for your husband for the renewal of your wedding vows.  Then you could change into a nice dress for the reception, and the black suit would take your husband over into the reception easily.

As for corsages and boutonnieres, it is common for the bridal party, and parents/grandparents of the husband/wife to have them.  At an anniversary where the bridal party is not wearing matching dresses, this distinguishes them to your other guests.  

The nice thing about Anniversary parties is that you can enjoy yourself and do as you wish.  If you want brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc. to also have corsages and boutonnieres, I would suggest that you have a different flower than those used for the bridal party and the parents/grandparents.   

Angela Fiebelkorn, Ask the Expert

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