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Question from Lisa:

My parents are celebrating 40 years at the end of June and I would like some advise on what to get them?  I’d like to plan a mini wedding reception including their friends who were in the wedding party as well as family.   Any ideas.  They would likely prefer something casual but since it’s so special, should I plan a formal gathering?

Answer from Bridal Expert Angela:

Hi Lisa.  I won’t go into the reception planning, as that is pretty standard whether you decide on a restaurant or a hotel catered event. 

I will address ideas that can make this a special event. If you have a video camera, I would make arrangements to meet with each person coming to the event, and ask them to give a special message to the couple.  For those who are good speakers or story tellers, I would ask them to tell a funny or heartwarming story about the couple.  These clips can be edited, and shown at the reception.  Copies of the DVD could be given to each guest.  If you have a computer savvy person in the family, doing this would be easy.

Alternatively, scanning photos of their life and putting them into a "movie" is another option.

Another idea would be to ask the guests for money instead of a gift, and give the couple a trip.  For my parent’s anniversary, we did this and sent them to BC to visit relatives they don’t see that often.  They still talk about that trip.  We collected the money from the guests (we sold tickets), and the children "topped up" the funds to pay for the trip. 

To make the event special, the key is to make it personal to them.  What things do they love?  Incorporate those things and I’m sure it will be successful.  Maybe they need a new set of dishes?  or something else practical.  People of that generation like practical gifts.  Something that they would use every day that reminds them of the party is what I would choose.

I hope this is helpful.  If readers of this blog have any other ideas, please feel free to post them below.

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