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Fabulous gifts are not easy to find and if you do find them they sometimes cost an arm and a leg. Window shopping is a way to getting the best favor at a bargain price. Plenty of cost effective ideas are available for those who want to show appreciation in an affordable way. Inexpensive ideas usually involve a lot of work and they require skill, right? Wrong! Anybody can be creative and even though the gift does not have a professional finish a lot of hard work and sweat would have gone into and that is the true essence of a gift.

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There are countless delicious recipes that can be tried in order to give the guests a sweet taste of satisfaction. Cookies are the simplest to make and they can be decorated with assorted icing, cream and they can be absolutely any favor. A good idea would be to bake different cookies for different guests. If you know that your friend goes weak in the knees when they think of double fudge chocolate chip cookies then bake them a tantalizing batch of them; this way each guest’s unique palate will be catered for. The shapes of the cookies could be cuddly teddies, funny clowns or cartoon characters and assorted baby related figures. To complement each cookie place some cookie cutters with the cookies. This unique idea will encourage your friends to spend more time in the kitchen baking cookies for their families. Place the cookies and cutters in an elegant customized mini glass jar in your buddy’s favorite color. Names or initials can be etched on each glass jar. This tasty favor is bursting with flavor!

If your friends are coffee and tea enthusiasts give them dashing tea and coffee favors. Your friends will enjoy miniature tea tins filled with exotic tea leaves from another continent. The mini cylindrical tins can be personalized with the recipient’s name and the date of the baby shower. For a more varied tea experience you can spoil your friends with a hamper filled with green tea, chamomile tea, and all other organic teas that are designed to rejuvenate one’s spirit. Alternatively if they are avid cup of Joe fans then fulfill their chicory cravings. Fill a giant porcelain coffee mug with some sachets of various blends of coffee and have your pal’s name boldly printed on the coffee mug. They will definitely enjoy drinking from a mug that is twice the size of a normal coffee mug. Have exotic teas and coffee from the Middle East, Africa and South America – the varying altitudes will guarantee a unique flavor and aroma.

Conception begins with a seed. Follow that concept and offer your guests a nonpareil baby shower favor experience by giving them seed baby shower favors. These timeless pieces can be the start of a memorable garden career. Select your friend’s favorite plant or flower seeds and place them in a tiny cuboid tin, flower holder, planter or even pail. The seeds can also be placed in custom designed sachets with the baby’s name and anticipated birth day printed on them. For a spur-of-the-moment twist give each guest instructions to only begin planting the seeds the moment the baby is born and watch the flower or plant grow as the baby also grows. Some accessories that can be added to the gift include garden tools such as shovels, forks and a pair of garden gloves can be personalized in the receiver’s favorite color and name. This unmatched baby shower favor idea will cause a stir and guests will be eager to find out what your next baby shower favor idea will be.

If you find that your baking sills are completely non-existent then buy the cookies or invite your sisters or close cousins to come and help you bake-not everybody was given the craft of baking delicious cookies. Other ideas that employ the use of hands are photo frame favors; Paper Mache statues or hand made pottery figurines, favors that include home made gift bags and sewn attire. More terrific ideas can be found on the electronic yellow pages and they are only a click away – now you have no excuse for pathetic baby shower favor ideas.

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