Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Story (Featuring Calla Lily Unique Wedding Favour)

Lily Nut Free Gourmet Milk Chocolate BarYesterday Levi and I went to yet another wedding, that’s wedding number two for this week. A co-worker and friend of mine got married yesterday to her boyfriend she met in college. It was a wonderful wedding that took place outside in an absolutely beautiful venue.

Miranda and her husband Sol, rented out a huge piece of property in the countryside. The property had a pond and old Victorian houses on it. Miranda and Sol were married outside one of the Victorian mansions in a garden next to an old stone wall and bench. The Reverend stood in front of the stone wall and Miranda and Sol sat on the stone benches looking up at him. This stone wall was a really beautiful focal point of the ceremony. Remember, when planning an outdoor wedding, you need to have a focal point where you and your fiancé will stand and exchange vows.

After the ceremony, we all went down to a huge tent by the pond for dancing and dining. Having a tent set up for an outdoor wedding is a great idea because it adds to the décor of your wedding plus keeps the guests sheltered from the sun or rain. It rained yesterday right after the ceremony, so the tent was necessary and perfect.

The food was also great. Sol works for a catering company so she was able to get a discount on the price. We ate grilled lobster tail, steak, and sushi (because Miranda is half-Japanese). It was delightful.

The keepsakes were also really nice as well. For a hobby, Sol makes prints for t-shirts, hand bags, hats, anything. He uses a silkscreen and creates his own designs. As a wedding favour, they gave each of us a tote bag with a beautiful design of calla lilies and their initials and wedding date on the bottom. Calla lilies were also featured in Miranda’s bouquet and on the reception tables. That is a wonderful and creative way to keep a theme consistent throughout the wedding while still making it practical, cheap, and creative.

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