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Lucky Horseshoe.jpgThe wedding table is the main focus of all eyes after the service.  After all, the rituals are over, the ceremony is complete and the couple is wed.  What else to look forward to then good, glorious food?  And how better to whet an appetite than the wedding table decorations that make everything edible oh so tempting?

Before you start discussing the décor for the wedding table, set a theme.  Not only will this make it easier for you to decide on the type of decoration material you will need, it will also prevent you from spending on the unnecessary.   The types of decoration available are also varied – which literally means that you are not limited in your décor as long as your imagination is running free.

After you have set your theme, you may choose the type of decorative materials available in the market.  You may want to give yourself less frustration in the later days by researching first which materials are easily obtainable and which ones are not.  Materials which are not easily available may need to be ordered in several weeks in advance and thus, may cost you more than you had bargained for.

Flower-based decorations are by far, the most popular as they are the most accessible and easiest to fit into any budget.  In this, the skill of the decorator can be truly measured in the usage of vases, containers, shapes, designs and types of flowers. And if you want the arrangement to last forever, you have the option of using silk flowers which look so real no one will be able to tell the difference.  If you are into arts and craft, the flowers used can also be hand made from paper, tissue or plastic.  While this is an admirable effort, it is not be the most popular choice.

Water Candles.jpg Other types of wedding table décor available include the ethnic kind.  These include paper fans, huge wall parchments with wedding inscriptions, Jewish candle holders, woven mats and baskets, just to name a few.  Anything that gives an ethnic look and feel to the occasion falls into this category.  To save on budget, digging into the family chest for “useless” bric-a-bracs may just be the right thing to do.

Then there are the table décor that use lots of candles as its main highlight.  For decorations such as these, candles in just about every color and/or scent can be used.  For sufficient lights overhead, fused wall lamps and ceiling lights will help to light up the place and help show up these candles in all their beauty.  Do remember to be vigilant though when using lots of candles in various places, particularly if lots of linen and curtains are close by.  Remember also that the candles may need to be replenished during the party to maintain its romantic effect.

Some weddings like the glitter effect – where everything literally shines.  This is where decorative materials such as crystals, glitter dust, glass and chandeliers come in.  Wedding tables such as these often use the colors silver and white as their base, although this is not always the norm.

Water Activated Diamond Light.jpg To be truly different, you could also choose the wedding table decorations that are made of edible materials such as chocolate, ice cubes, fruits, wafers, even sugar cubes.  As this is one of the most difficult centerpieces to create and keep throughout the reception, you can be assured that with this focal point on your table, the décor will be a topic of much discussion.

And of course, for a more playful approach to the party, balloons are your best and safest bet, not to mention friendliest to your pockets.  You may stick to your favored themed color, or you may use a myriad of colors and shapes – it is all a matter of choice.  With balloons, the less structured the décor, the more informal the result.  Be more personal and decorate them with your name and that of your new spouse, your wedding date and a catchy phrase.  Add more fun into the whole event by filling up the balloons with helium gas and allow your guests and the children to bring them home.  At least now you know they will remember your wedding for a longer time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Just about anything and everything can be used for decorations, as long as it is tastefully done.  It is just a matter of deciding which one is right for your wedding.

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