Intimate Ways To Include The Family At Your Wedding

Vintage Lace Water Bottle LabelLove brings people together. The love of a parent and child, between siblings, friends, and lovers is what makes life worth living. I love celebrating “love” so much because every birthday, holiday, outing with friends, etc… brings so much joy to you and the people around you. The best kind of celebration of love is spent with people you care most about, your family.

My wedding will be just as such. My wedding will be the “ultimate” celebration of love, as your wedding should be. My wedding will be intimate and primarily consist of only family and a few very close friends.

I’m choosing to have a small wedding, because I want only those whom I care the most about come. However, my cousin Jen had a big wedding and it consisted of about 200 people. Her wedding was very intimate. Don’t think that just because you decide to have a large wedding that it can’t still be intimate. It all depends on the certain moods expressed in your decoration, food, and music that you come up with through your planning.

Bottle Tags

One thing that Jen did that I am going to do as well for my wedding, is to feature her family and close friends as decoration in her wedding. For example, underneath each of the guest’s name tag for the seating arrangements at the reception, was a little personal note. The notes were simple, mostly memories she’d had with her guests, but it was so beautiful. It really felt like we were all included.

One other thing she did was to give bottles of champagne to each of the families with these bottle labels on them as a wedding favour. These Bottle Tags once again express her and Wayne’s love and appreciate towards each of their guests.

I highly recommend trying to include your family and friends into your wedding because your wedding day isn’t just about you…it’s about the love shared among families. Your life with your husband will deeply affect the lives of each of your family members in a beautiful way, so why not include them.

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