What Looks The Best On Your Head For Your Wedding Day

Each and every bride looks forward to her wedding day. This is the one special day where she needs to look her very best; the bride should appear elegant, neat and well-groomed from head-to-toe, as she will be the centre of attraction when the time comes for her to walk down the aisle.

Every detail of the whole bridal ensemble should reflect the joy and happiness felt by the beautiful bride such as the magnificent wedding gown and stunning bridal accessories she wears. Even what she puts on her head is a crucial detail that needs to be taken into consideration when planning for the wedding. How do you go about selecting that perfect bridal headpiece you will be wearing on your wedding day?

French Petals Tiara Bridal headpieces can either be ornate and elaborated, such as a five-foot long cathedral length veil with a pearl and diamond studded wedding tiara, or it can also be simple and minimal as a flower wreath or a hat decorated with a satin bow. Most importantly is that no matter what kind of headpiece you choose, it should complement the style of your bridal gown. Try to get some ideas by flipping through bridal magazines, browsing through the internet or get recommendations from your bridal outfit vendors. It could save you precious time once you know what is available in the current market. Among other factors that should be considered are such as your budget, the formality of your wedding ceremony, and your bridal hairstyle.

A wedding veil is commonly worn especially in Christian and Catholic wedding. It is believed that the tradition of wearing wedding veil had originated from the days when the Groom throw blanket over the Bride when he captured her. Some also says that wearing a veil will protect the bride from evil spirits. It is also said that wedding veil should be made from sheer material so that the groom will be sure that he is marrying the bride of his choice. Whatever the origin is, wedding veil often acts as the finishing touch to your bridal ensemble.

There are also some criteria that should be considered when choosing your veil. First is the style and length. Cathedral, chapel, elbow and shoulder length veil are the styles you can choose from. Next is selecting the right veil in terms of fabric and color. Make sure they are made of lightweight fabric as most veils consist of several pieces of fabric joint together and it should not slip easily. Lace, organza, silk and tulle in shades of white or cream are among the best choice.

Gorgeous Bridal Tiara The wedding tiara is another must-wear bridal headpiece especially during formal wedding ceremonies. It can be worn with or without the veil. Most modern tiaras nowadays are easier to wear as they are made of lightweight material and some have special clips to prevent them from sliding back. The frame of the wedding tiara can be made of plated metallic wire, sterling silver, or expensive materials such as gold and platinum. The frames are embellished with precious and semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls or rhinestones and they come in various designs, shapes and sizes.

Wedding tiaras must look stunning and elegant yet not too flashy that it can overshadow the other bridal accessories the bride is wearing. It must also suit the hairstyle that you will be wearing and also your facial structure. It must not bee too big and overstated, nor too small that it can hardly be seen. And finally, it should complement the style and formality of your bridal gown and other bridal accessories.

Stunning Wedding Veil If you are planning to have a semi-to-informal wedding reception such as a garden wedding, it is better to choose some rather informal bridal headpieces. Again, depending on the factors mentioned earlier, a floral wreath, fresh or artificial flower crowns or clusters and baby’s breath, are among the options. Add details such as satin ribbons and bows to complete the whole look. Other than that, there are also brides who choose to wear silk or lace headbands decorated with pearls or beads; crescent bands and backpieces which are very suitable for up-do hairstyles; a rhinestone-studded French comb that sits in the hair; a barrette or straw hat; or a more retro-style Juliet cap decorated with beads, lace or flowers.

Whatever your choice is, make sure you pick the bridal headpiece that you love. Even though something looks nice and pretty in the display shelf, it does not mean it will look nice should you match it up to the wrong gown or hairstyle or it does not match you facial features. You should feel beautiful and gorgeous when putting them on and furthermore, they should fit comfortably and looks good on your head.

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