Bride & Groom Frisbee Is A Great Wedding Favour And Activity For Your Guests

Wedding FrisbeeI’m the organizer in our relationship (which I’m sure most of you ladies are as well), and I wanted the guests at my wedding to partake in some fun activities at the reception. I thought of hiring a dance instructor, having a limbo game, a cake eating contest, etc… But after searching this website I found this Bride & Groom Frisbee and thought that it would be great to have the boys play a game.

My fiancé Levi is pretty athletic (or at least he thinks so…hahaha). Just about every Sunday, Levi and his friends play a game of

ultimate Frisbee. I don’t really understand the game. I think it’s like American Football but with a Frisbee and freeze tag all mixed in one game. Personally, I am not very good at sports at all. I’m afraid of being chased and having things thrown at me, so I guess that explains why I was always last picked in gym in grade school.

It’s perfect, however, because Levi and I are getting married in his grandparent’s backyard. They live on a really huge property in the country so playing Frisbee is a great idea. Not only will it be entertaining to watch Levi and his friends play in their tuxes, but it also has sentimental value because of the cute picture on the front. Plus, they make great wedding favours for all the Ultimate Frisbee fanatics that come to your wedding. (Apparently it’s the sport of our generation…according to Levi, who is making it up because I teasing him about that now).  

I highly recommend the Frisbee if you want to have activities at your wedding. It makes a great gift and it’s something that you can keep forever.

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