Butterfly Dreams Collection

Butterfly Dreams CollectionButterflies are symbols of freedom, transformation and also dancing through life with utter joy. Indeed, a wedding is all these and more. To adorn your wedding ceremony with butterflies is like target setting of the aforementioned goals! So what better than a butterfly wedding theme to represent this intricate meaning?

This Butterfly Dreams Collection, which has elements of pure white, further brings to another inherent meaning within. White represents purity and innocence; and with the combination of butterflies, pure white as backdrop as well as an assortment of colorful forefront in this heavenly collection, it is hard not to bring your hearts aflutter imagining your wedding ceremony adorned with heavenly butterflies.

The Butterfly Dreams Collection gives you the choice of bridal garters, ring pillows, guest’s book, pen base and flower basket. All the items are attached with beautiful butterfly embroideries. Its designs and colors are simple yet eye catching, with the emphasis on the feelings attributed to the symbols. Each item in this collection may have minimal details, but the feelings of tranquility and excitement are no doubt in abundance.

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