Butterfly Wedding Themes – for the Outdoor Ceremony

Real live butterflies can be used during the wedding ceremony to add a sense of romance to your nuptials. You can either have one person release all the butterflies en masse when vows are exchanged or you can present each wedding gift with a single boxed butterfly to be released as the bride and groom walk down the aisle towards their new life as a married couple.

butterfly wedding theme.jpgFor the reception dinner and dance, there are an endless number of possibilities for where you can include your chosen butterfly wedding theme accessories. On the tabletop of each dinner table, you can add butterfly shaped candleholders, candy dishes and votive holders. Hand painted butterflies can be placed on your taper candles or hidden within your floral centerpieces. Butterfly wedding stickers and butterfly shaped favor cards, as well as place card holders can all add an element of fanciful flight to your reception tables. Don’t forget to decorate the guest book signing table, the cake serving display area and the gift center. These are all areas where you can fully extend your love of butterflies and your choice of using the butterfly as a beautiful wedding theme.

The most important thing to remember if you are choosing butterfly wedding themes, do what you love and decorate using the colors and décor accessories that you think would best compliment your wedding ceremony and reception room. When it comes to nature, you certainly cannot go wrong with the graceful and elegant butterfly.

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