Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers used to be the standing figures of a bride in a white flowing gown and the groom in a black tuxedo, but that is no longer the case. Today, we are spoiled with a wide range of choices for wedding cake toppers, ranging from monogram, comical, ethnic, sports, animals and many more types of wedding cake toppers.

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Humorous cake toppers infuse a touch of comedy into your wedding day… love and laughter is a perfect couple. Bring the two together by including wedding cake toppers on your special day to lighten the mood and get your party started right.

Bride And Groom Cake Toppers

Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers

The ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake is always a highlight of the reception. Making sure that you are ready for this picture perfect moment with the right combination of bride and groom cake toppers to crown your cake that fits your theme is essential on your special day.

Ethnic Wedding Cake Tops

Ethnic Wedding Cake Toppers

Ethnic wedding cake toppers are as unique as you are on your special day, so make sure to choose them wisely in order to properly represent who you are as a couple.

A Cake Topper For Every Wedding Theme

Cake Toppers For Theme Weddings

There are many aspects of a wedding that one has to take care of. With so much work involved, it is easy to forget to really choose a unique wedding cake topper that matches with your theme wedding and exemplify the couple’s personality. The wedding cake is always the main attraction in any reception and the deco that goes on it will only add to the theme.

Romantic Wedding Cake Toppers

Romantic Wedding Cake Toppers

Couples keep wedding novelties such as romantic wedding cake toppers as mementos of their wedding day. The wedding accessory supplier offers various romantic items for weddings and it is important for couples to decide on them according to their wedding plan and budget.

African American Cake Toppers

African American Cake Toppers

African American cake toppers honor a couple’s ancestors by incorporating a touch of heritage into their wedding day. Adding African American cake toppers enhances the meaningful rituals, colorful attire and elaborate costumes for an amazing celebration of love and ancestry.

Military Wedding Cake Tops

Military Wedding Cake Toppers

Military wedding cake toppers are quite similar to the ordinary wedding cake toppers you could purchase at the bridal boutique or bridal cake shop, with a few notable differences between them, and these differences, and the unique quality they bring to the cake toppers, are what make them stand out among the rest.

Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Monogrammed Wedding Cake Toppers

Planning for a perfect wedding isn’t easy, but early planning and good organizing skills can eliminate stress and ensure perfect results. Church ceremonies, flowers, champagnes, wines, wedding cake, bridesmaids, best man, flower girls and groomsmen are integral part of a western-styled reception. Some of our customers told us that it was difficult to find monogram wedding cake toppers. Fortunately, we have you covered!

Sports Cake Toppers

Sports Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

Sports cake toppers make a personal statement and grab the attention of your guests. No matter what the theme or mood of your special day, you can dare to be different with sports cake toppers. When planning your wedding theme, you need to consider how your union will affect your choices of wedding cake toppers, food, music, and traditions. Our sports cake tops might just be a great idea.

Western or Country Themed Cake Tops

Western Wedding Cake Toppers

The wedding cake is an enchanting work of art to behold in a wedding reception. If you decided to break away from the customary weddings thousands of great grandparents had; and opted for a unique western-inspired one; decorating the cake won’t be a trouble. There’s a myriad western wedding cake toppers you can choose from which are readily available in the market. Let your eyes feast on them!

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Unconventional couples can express themselves on their special day through unique and unusual wedding cake toppers. Unique weddings are becoming a new norm with every couple showing off their personal preferences and tastes with unusual wedding cake toppers.


Types Of Wedding Cake Toppers To Consider

Your wedding cake won’t be complete without the topper, which actually serves as the cake’s focal point. Before, the cake topper is just a generic figurine of a bride and groom. In fact, in any wedding you go to, you’ll find the same thing on top of the cake. This is probably the reason why guests hardly ever stopped to look at the wedding cake during those times. Nowadays, wedding cake makers have become a lot more creative not only in the cake design but also in the topper. If you want to make yours unique and extra special, here are some fabulous ideas to consider.

Humorous wedding cake toppers

Picture Perfect Cake topperWeddings used to be overly serious and formal. That’s not the case anymore. Modern couples prefer to keep the occasion light and laidback. Some even love to ingest humor into the event. It’s the same with the cake. That’s why humorous wedding cake toppers have become a big hit among a lot of couples. Guests will be more interested in looking at the cake than just simply pass by it, which is what usually happens during weddings. Be sure to get a funny bride and groom cake topper that will reflect your quirky personalities so that your family and friends will be able to relate to the joke.

Some of the funny cake toppers to consider include “picture perfect” couple figurine, playful football wedding couple figurine, “hooked on love” groom figurine, kissing couple cake topper, “my main squeeze” cheeky couple figurine, bride ready to hit a home run with groom pitching cake topper, comical couple with the bride “having the upper hand,” couch potato groom figurine paired with cell phone bride figurine, and the princess bride kissing the frog prince cake topper. Choose something that both you and your beau will get a good laugh from.

Ethnic wedding cake toppers

These cake toppers celebrate diversity, culture and heritage. You’ll be able to create the personalization and unique look as well as reflect your cultural background and history with this type of cake décor. Popular ethnic cake toppers include heart framed trinity knot cake top, traditional Celtic Claddaugh cake top, script brushed silver Asian double happiness cake top, traditional Indian bride and groom mix and match cake toppers, groom in kilt figurine, cute Asian couple in traditional wedding attire, and traditional Jewish bride and groom.

Traditional wedding cake toppers

Celtic Wedding Cake TopperFor those who want their weddings to exude a classic style, don’t worry. There are traditional wedding cake toppers that are suitable for you. But don’t think that traditional automatically equates to boring, generic or plain. These beautiful traditional wedding cake toppers are not only elegant, they are also creative and personalized. Most of what you’ll find in the market today are very impressive.

The stylish embrace cake topper, “my love” stylized heart cake topper, tropical breeze cake topper, love link stylized heart cake topper, glazed porcelain doves and flowers cake topper, and the monogram wedding cake topper are some of the best choices available. The monogram wedding cake topper is a favorite because it’s a sophisticated way to personalize the cake through the couple’s initials. There are various types of this particular cake décor but the most in-demand choice is the brushed silver monograms with crystals.

If you’re going to buy a topper for your wedding, be sure to allot some time so you can go through all these choices and make an apt decision. Don’t forget to consult your spouse-to-be to ensure that he would also like what you’re going to put on top of the cake. It would be a great idea to buy online because this method allows you to save time, money and energy. Cake toppers just like with every other product in the market are less expensive online than if purchased in brick and mortar stores. You’ll also save yourself from the hassle of manual shopping.

Wedding cake toppers are an essential part of the wedding celebration. They don’t only make the cake much more interesting, they also reflect the couple’s personality, style and taste.

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