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How to Use Wedding Candles for Both Reception and Ceremony Decorations

Candles are indispensable part of any wedding ceremony and reception. In fact, these have so many uses and have the capacity of exuding a certain atmosphere once lighted inside the venue of the special occasion. They provide a special kind of illumination that is why they have been used as an integral part of many important rituals and ceremonies such as marriage. Wedding candles can be used for decorating the venue of the wedding ceremony and accentuating the reception hall as well. Being cheap and affordable, candles can make any special events more special by lending their charming appeal and lovely glow.

Here are some great suggestions on how to use your wedding candles to beautify and impart unique glow to your ceremony and reception venues.

  1. Place some candles at the altar or in any place where you will be having your wedding ceremonies. You may also line the walls and windows with candles placed on a candle holder that would cover the flame and the candle to avoid causing fire.
  2. Choose stunning themes and accentuate them by using candles such as the Asian Fusion or the Celtic Charm candles which are red with black trimmings and muted green respectively. When choosing wedding candles, always keep in mind that these must be coordinated with the overall theme to create a smooth look.
  3. Wedding candles could also become amazing centerpieces for the tables at the wedding’s reception. Achieve a romantic glow by placing candles on glass holders or the ones made with paper having different colors. You may also place candles in martini glasses for a classy and interesting centerpiece. Add a floral arrangement around the central candle and see your guests’ eyes marvel at the ethereal beauty right in front of them.
  4. Scented candles don’t belong only in your bathroom or bedroom. They can also be used for your wedding ceremony or reception too! Smell the fragrance and feel the good ambience surrounding everybody during your wedding vows. If you are going to use scented candles for your reception, ensure that the subtle scents won’t mess with the food’s aroma and flavor because when dining, the smell is important for the sense of taste to work properly.
  5. Use wedding candles in place of your regular venue lighting. This will create a romantic and subdued atmosphere you and your guests will surely enjoy. Of course, for the banquet table, have sufficient light.
  6. Turn your ordinary candles into something special by making wedding floating candles that you could use for your wedding beside a pool or a pond. You may also have flower petals floating along with the candles for a more romantic ambience.
  7. For a lovely yet affordable wedding favor, you can use wedding candles to give to your guests. Engrave their names or a special message on the candle holder to make them feel appreciated.
  8. Place the wedding candles inside decorated bags or lanterns and line the pathway towards the reception area. Choose the ones that have heart, flower and other romantic details. It will create a magnificent feel and people will also feel extra special while walking along the path. Use tea light candles for the lanterns or luminaries to create the effect.
  9. Scented candles can also be used as wedding favors. Your guests can use them to provide illumination on any part of their home or simply add a cozy atmosphere filled with sweet scent to their bedroom. You may also pair it with an exquisite candle holder to make it more special and personalized.
  10. Pack a scented wedding candle with bath soap, aromatic oil and essences with the same scent to make your very own aromatherapy gifts for your guests. Since scented candles are very popular nowadays, all you need to do is to shop for the candles of your choice and select the items to go with it.

Wedding candles are very versatile; you can use them in so many ways to achieve your ideal wedding. Use them as decorations on your venue, as illuminators, as gifts or wedding favors, the choices are endless. Just use your imagination and creativity to turn those ordinary candles into special ornaments and gift items.

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