Wedding Jewelry to Complete the Classy Beach Bride

Many beach brides are challenged when it comes to choosing the proper jewelry to wear on their wedding. Would a brilliant white pearl necklace be better than a sparkling diamond choker? Is it appropriate to wear a crystal tiara with matching crystal earrings and chain? Despite the unruffled setting of your special day, you still [...]

Wedding Jewelry Sets

Of all the creatures in our planet the human beings are the only ones who look for fashion accessories to adorn themselves. In ancient times kings, pharaohs, or some people who presumed to be gods were allowed to wear a special kind of jewelry piece, however nowadays there exist a huge variety of gorgeous ornaments [...]

Bridal Veils And Why Sophisticated Brides Wear them

Wedding ceremonies are steeped in ancient traditions and old wives superstitions that have lost their popular meaning today. Things like bridal veils and white wedding dresses are commonly followed traditions still today, but most of us don’t know what they really mean and why we still do them. So, consider some of these unanswered bridal [...]

Bridal Headpieces Are The Finishing Touch

Bridal headpieces are the finishing touch to your carefully chosen wedding gown. No bridal ensemble is complete without a flattering bridal headpiece. Choose a bridal headpiece in accordance with your gown, hairstyle and facial shape. From simple to lavish, there are as many bridal headpieces to choose from as there are brides. At most Christian [...]

10 Essential Accessories for Brides

So, you have found the perfect gown. Congratulations! All your efforts and hard work are worth it. But wait, before you think that shopping is over, you have to remember that you still have to buy some accessories to go with your wedding gown so you would look perfect on your special day. What are [...]

The Many Uses of Wedding Handkerchiefs


Wedding handkerchiefs are used during wedding ceremonies as a symbol of a woman’s love for her chosen man. They are also quite handy during the emotional moments of the wedding ceremony since they can be easily used to dry the eyes of a weepy bride or groom. Wedding handkerchiefs are generally made of linen, cotton [...]

Bridal Purses – What Is Your Selection


Bridal purses are essential to your wedding day because they need to be appropriately designed so it does not steal the almighty wedding dress thunder, but also conveniently sized to hold all the things you may or may not need to use before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. Browse through our elegant bridal purses [...]

Incorporating A Bridal Tiara into Your Wedding Day Attire


Bridal tiaras are once again a wedding day staple and fashionable accessory that can be seen, on not only brides, but also fashion models, socialites, and graduating teenagers. Bridal tiaras add that elegant sparkle and look of sophistication to the top of your wedding day attire. It is quite literally the cherry on top of [...]

Checklist for Must Have Wedding Accessories


Wow, you are getting married soon! Like most brides, you probably also cannot contain your happiness and excitement. After all, it is every woman’s dream to have that perfect wedding and to get married to the perfect man. One of the things that you are most excited to plan and prepare for is your bridal look. To complement [...]

A Shopping Guide To Selecting Bridal Accessories

Garden Necklace & Earring Set

Besides the bridal gown, bridal accessories are definitely a very crucial and important detail to be put into consideration when it comes to dressing up the bride for her wedding day. It is necessary to carefully spend considerable amount of time in planning, searching and shopping for the ideal bridal accessories that you will be [...]

DIY Wedding Hairpiece


Posted by Tara from, this is a DIY tutorial that will show you how to make a fabulous wedding hairpiece. For months before Tara’s own wedding, she had been seeing lots of DIY hairpiece and DIY fabric flower projects around the web. She says that they very quite doable and if nothing else, she states, it [...]

5 Favorite Beauty Looks from the 2012 Emmys

5 Favorite Beauty Looks from the 2012 Emmys

This incredibly beautiful post is written by Azure Nelson, the OneWed’s Editorial Director, who makes it her mission to inspire brides daily. From wedding fashion and white aisle style, to creative DIYs, real weddings,… So check out her favorite updos, down ‘dos, and perfectly painted faces from the 2012 Emmys! Here are the pictures that may inspire you, [...]

Break the Old Tradition with a Modern Take on Bridal Veils

Embroidered Border Veil

Most people have come to associate the word “bride” to a picture of a woman in a white gown, her face silhouetted by a translucent veil while making her way down the aisle. Wearing a bridal veil goes back as far as the ancient times, and it is steeped in symbolism and tradition. The Greeks [...]

Beach Wedding Accessories for the Exotic Couple

Black or White Just Married Sandals

If you would take a survey on the most popular wedding themes, beach wedding would probably top the list. This is because many couples love the vast expanse of beautiful ocean that can serve as the backdrop, the romantic ambiance of the beach scene, and the fact that beach weddings are beautiful and inexpensive at [...]

What Is Appropriate Dress For An Upscale Reception? – Ask The Expert Answer

Question from Susan: Hello and thank you -  This is a good friend and co workers wedding.  It is at 5:00pm with a sit down dinner reception at another location which is an exclusive plantation clubhouse.  Would black slacks and a very nice silk top be appropriate for this?  I am a 43 yr old [...]