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Wedding Centerpieces Ideas


7 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Transform Your Tables

After selecting your wedding theme, your next step is to think very carefully about the details. The wedding gown, the bridal accessories and makeup, the menu, the wedding favors, venue for the ceremony and of course, the reception must be well-organized and planned to keep you safe from any problems when the big day sets in. Since the reception is one of the most important parts of the wedding, you need to lay out your plans to make it extra special. Aside from selecting the set menu with the appetizer, main course, dessert and drinks, you must also use your creative juices to select the best centerpiece that would complement your wedding theme and make the dining table more beautiful and enticing.

Think about a certain level of formality and how the food will be served to your guests during the reception to identify the perfect wedding centerpiece. Also, consider your preferences and the time of your wedding. This will be easy for you because you can choose the centerpiece inspired by the following seasons. Make sure to opt for the one that falls within the same season as your wedding date.

Fall Season Table Centerpiece Ideas:

  1. Arrange fruits such as berries and grapes on fruits bowls to add texture and color to the dining tables. Opt for the fruit bowls made of glass to create a more classy appeal. Make sure the fruits have been washed thoroughly so the guests can help themselves.
  2. You may also use a clear glass bowl with some floating candles and pebbles at the bottom if you are having a fall beach wedding. Add bunches of roses, mums, sunflowers and daisies to make a very beautiful centerpiece that will delight guests at your reception.

Winter Season Table Centerpiece Idea:

  1. The most predominant color for this season is white because it’s reminiscent of the pristine snow. For a magnificent winter-inspired centerpiece, opt for towering candelabras with long white candles to provide illumination and at the same time, design to the wedding tables. These will exude a very romantic atmosphere especially when white roses surround the candelabras.

Spring Season Table Centerpiece Ideas:

  1. Since spring is all about everything in bloom, why not create a centerpiece from flowers in season? These are cheap and abundant so grab the opportunity to take all your favorite in-season flowers and arrange them in unique and beautiful manner. Mix several kinds with different complimenting colors or just have a single stalk of flower in a clear glass vase, you will definitely have a lovely and fresh centerpiece. You may also arrange flowers in a tall table and adorn them with rhinestones or Swarovski crystals for an elegant décor.
  2. Fruits in season also make a great centerpiece when arranged in the same ways like arranging flowers. Have them on silver trays or clear vases and stare at them with amazement. Wash the fruits clean and place them on trays or bowls to add pizzazz to your dining table. The fruits can also be eaten by the guests if they want to.

Summer Season Table Centerpiece Ideas:

  1. Since beach weddings are very famous during this season, you can use marine-inspired materials for your centerpiece. Have some sea shells arranged in an artistic manner and tie a ribbon around them for a simple yet classy do-it-yourself centerpiece. You may also half-fill a glass bottle with white sand and adorn it with tiny pebbles, sea shells and little sailboats to invoke the feel of the beach.
  2. If you love flowers, then opt for tulips, roses and lilies for your centerpiece. You may use these flowers for arrangements or in combination with crystals for a modern look. Have them tall or short depending on your preference. You can also combine them with tea light candles for a romantic and cheerful ambiance. Make sure the flowers are tall enough so that they will not interfere with your guests’ dining.

These season-themed wedding table centerpieces could really transform your tables from plain-looking to beautiful and breath-taking. Set your budget first and work within it. Make sure to opt for the centerpiece that you can afford to avoid wasting valuable resources. Use your imagination to come up with the most interesting and magnificent centerpiece for the wedding reception.

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