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Wedding ceremony decorations


Gorgeous Accessories, Supplies, and Décor for Your Wedding Ceremony

Having a beautiful wedding doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend a fortune on different wedding details such as the wedding venue, reception, invitations, wedding favors, menu and many more. In fact, you can still have an unforgettable wedding on a shoestring budget. All you need to do is to rely on your creativity and resourcefulness to get things right for your big day.

Beyond the usual wedding decorations such as flowers, doves and white candles, you can be as creative as you can to achieve an impressing wedding look. You may hire the services of a wedding planner if you have sufficient funds or do it yourself to save some precious money.

You can find very affordable materials and supplies in unlikely places and use these to make your centerpieces, invitations and wedding favors. If you’re a really frugal person, you need to watch out for clearance sales to avail of even cheaper items to be used on your wedding ornaments. Most of the items on sale are seasonal, so it’s the right time to purchase them if you are planning a season-themed wedding.

Here is a rundown of some gorgeous yet cheap decors which are ideal for your wedding day.

  1. A plant that you can eat- Yes, there’s such a thing as edible plant desserts. To make this yummy and decadent dessert for your wedding, just fill a glass candle holder with chocolate pudding and top it with crushed chocolate cookies which will serve as the “dirt”. You may add some flowers to make it more realistic. Serve with wooden ice cream spoons.
  2. Simple yet lovely wedding car ornament- Attach some pompom garlands on your wedding car. You can make these by combining twines and tissue paper and forming them into pompoms.
  3. Opt for the tea cup centerpiece- Fresh flowers are fragrant, colorful and beautiful but they tend to wilt and fade so why not choose elegant tea cups and saucers as your dining table’s centerpiece? Aside from being inexpensive, you can have an instantly classy and pretty table décor everyone will love.
  4. Dry cleaning kits- For your bridesmaids, try giving dry cleaning kits that they can use to deal with different kinds of stains on clothes. These will keep them worry-free from mascara or lipstick stains while enjoying the wedding.
  5. Ditch the old flower basket- For a modern look, opt for the pinafore instead of the basket for the flower girls. Pinafores are free and distinctive; you can create them using old table linens. You can even hand these down to the next generation.
  6. Button seat cards- With the names of the guests on the buttons-cum-seating cards, you can make the occasion more special by letting your guests introduce themselves to one another.
  7. Wrap the bouquet with a handkerchief- Who says handkerchiefs are only used to wipe tears? In a special occasion such as a wedding, you can use your white handkerchiefs to tie a bouquet of flowers and to decorate even the floral centerpiece on the reception table.
  8. Get your hands dirty with handmade fans- For outdoor weddings which are usually and uncomfortably hot, it is ideal to use handmade fans. To keep the guests from too much heat, distribute these to them and they’ll be really thankful for your thoughtfulness. Be creative on your designs.
  9. Address book as wedding favor- Ensure that the friendship formed among guests will last longer by giving our address books as gifts.
  10. Make your placecards beautiful with a butterfly detail- Create butterfly-shaped placecards using special paper of any color of your choice and place them on the rims of champagne or wine glasses.
  11. Opt for an inexpensive table centerpiece- Use flowers or fruits in season and arrange them artistically on glass bowls or vases for a simple yet attractive wedding centerpiece. You may also use candles placed in decorated bags or floating on glass bowls filled halfway with water for a lovely effect.
  12. Interesting wedding invitations- Create some DIY invitations with pressed flowers and leaves, an artwork made by you or your fiancé and other personalized details to make your guests feel extra special. Also, make sure to handwrite the names of the people you want to invite to make it more significant.

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