Ceremony & Reception Decorations – Planning Them Wisely

Liquid Chalk Wedding MarkerPlanning a wedding celebration is not as much fun as planning a birthday party for a five-year-old. In fact, a lot of couples choose to employ the help of a wedding planner to make sure their marriage ceremony runs efficiently while they can enjoy themselves on that special day with their loved ones. However, it is really up to you to have your wedding reception planned by a wedding planner or to do so yourself, instead.

It may sound like a rather daunting effort to tackle the task single-handedly, but with a lot of research, sufficient time, extra resilience and help, you will be able to achieve your goal in producing a fantastic and lavish wedding ceremony. The central thing to focus on is the decoration for the wedding ceremony because an appropriately adorned wedding scene and feast will impart a lasting impression to those attending the celebration.

Of course, the first thing to do when deciding on the appropriate decoration for the wedding ceremony is to list down all the places for the event to take place such as the wedding chapel and the banquet hall. This way, it will be easier for you to allocate suitable decoration for each venue, in turn, you can decide on the number of people to help to put up the decorations in each location. In other words, you are able to save on cost for supplies and labours.

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How do you plan to decorate the wedding chapel and banquet hall? Are you thinking of using real flowers or manufactured replicas? Is it better to have decorative bells instead of colorful balloons for additional touch? It really depends on you to decide on the best choice to create a joyous and festive air for your wedding celebration. Just remember not to overdo the decorating or the celebrated couple will be overshadowed by the many flower garlands and bouquets at the chapel altar.

When you are done setting your choice on the perfect accessory for beautifying the place, the next thing to do is to list down every material that is needed to achieve your fantasized marriage. The list should include the items of adornment, its quantity, specification and its extras or alternatives, just in case your desired item is unavailable or spoilt during the preparation of the event. This is the best time for you and your partner to decide on the must-haves and the not-necessarily-haves because it will help both of you to plan on your required budget for the arrangements. Besides, it is best to have a second opinion on the matter of creating a beautiful scene for your special day.

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Based on the list you have prepared earlier, you will then be able to identify and determine several reliable accessories suppliers where you will be able to purchase the decorating materials. Some of the suppliers offer their services of putting up the decoration according to your specifications. They may even offer useful recommendation and suggestion to improve your set-up. It is advisable to have the wedding accessories suppliers within your distance to make sure you do not have to drive the extra mile to get a replacement for a broken flower vase.

As soon as the decorating supplies are sent to your doorstep, you can start to delegate the task of putting up the deco. It is good to have all the helping hands you need all ready at their respective location to avoid pointless delays in getting the job done. For example, the task of hanging the wedding bells on the walls is delayed because you failed to prepare ladders for the workers. However, with all the cooperation and help given by the workers, everything should be in accordance before the wedding ceremony takes place. From then on, everybody can heave their sighs of relief and start to look forward to the ceremony itself.

Always remember to have on hand a contingency plan for the unexpected in the list for the wedding decorating supplies. These extra supplies should be stored safely, neatly and nearby. You would never be sure that one or two decorative light bulbs would get spoilt during your wedding reception. It would be embarrassing to have some of the guests feast in the dark because nobody can locate the replacement light bulbs in the store room.

The best thing to remember while planning for a wedding celebration is not to go overboard with the purchasing of the wedding decorating supplies. Keep things in the minimum but attractive and tasteful in your efforts to materialize your wedding fantasy for everyone to enjoy and remember.

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