Wedding Theme Collections

Wedding Collections

Theme wedding ideas add personality and flair to that special day. Honor your heritage, emphasize a hobby or celebrate a common interest and add flair and ambiance that guests will remember for a long time to come. Remember, you will also find table decorations, cake toppers, and other wedding supplies in our store to match your theme.

Fairytale Wedding Theme Collection

Fairytale Wedding Collection

Fairy tale themed weddings and castle themed weddings are unique ceremonies based on fairy tales and medieval settings helping a new couple to pursue their best dreams together for a happily ever after. Delicate embroidery, glittering jewels and even a magic slipper combine to create a look worthy of any Princess Bride and her Prince.

The Beach Wedding Theme

Beach Wedding Theme

A beach themed wedding can be very sensual and romantic. Not only do the bride and groom have the honeymoon right after their wedding, arrangement can be made with the hotelier to organize the whole event for the blissful couple. As the background itself is already extremely charming, just a touch of ocean and seashells collection as additional table decoration would make the whole event magical.

Asian Themed Weddings

Asian themed wedding collection - Cherry Blossom

Asian themed weddings are gaining in popularity in part due to the mystical adventures being offered by the Asian cultures and as a break-away from the traditional chapel style wedding in white gowns.

A Butterfly Wedding Theme

Butterfly Wedding Theme Collection

Wedding planning is thrilling the moment you find your perfect wedding theme. The butterfly; symbol of cheerfulness and blissfulness is marvelous for those brides and grooms that look for stylish and sparkling wedding themes. The extensive choices of butterfly themed wedding supplies signify only one thing: the perfect wedding of your dream is just a doorstep away.

A Red Roses Theme

Flower of Love Wedding Collection

The color red has always been associated with love. Roses are also a part of the same team. When both of these sentimental items are put together, you are able to give yourself a unique yet creative wedding theme. Red Wedding themes are essential to liven up your reception.

An Irish Wedding Theme

An Irish Wedding Collection

When planning a Claddaugh wedding theme, think Irish and choose wedding accessories that match the magic, beauty and spirit of the Emerald Isle.

White Wedding Theme Collection

White Elegant Wedding Collection

Weddings are virtuous occasions that include a solemn exchange of marital vows between two people. The whole affair is centered on purity and the best color representation of weddings is white; a sign if peace and happiness. The white wedding theme or winter wedding theme is a theme of elegance.

Western or Country Themes

Western Wedding Theme Arrangement

This collection highlights some ideas for couples interested to employ a country theme wedding or western themed wedding. Suggestions include guest books, decorations, ring pillows, and even wedding garters. Essentially, it promotes the idea of using the great pioneering spirit of the old west as well hopes and dreams as a great way to start life as a married couple.

The Popular Calla Lily Theme

Bridal Beauty Calla Lily

Calla lilies have long been a favourite among couples to grace their wedding. This articles brings the idea to the next level, that of making the flower a theme for a whole wedding. The flower’s beautiful elegance and symbolism of beauty, femininity as well as purity makes it a fantastic theme for a wedding. The calla lily theme wedding is become one of the most popular wedding theme in Canada.

A Garden Themed Wedding

Garden Wedding Theme Favors

A garden theme wedding at night can be a spectacular event that you and your partner, and all of your wedding guests will not soon forget. The evening wedding affair comes to life under a blanket of stars and a full moon.

Las Vegas Theme

Las Vegas Wedding Theme

Bored with a typical white or garden wedding, it is becoming increasingly popular to have a unique wedding theme such as a Butterfly, Las Vegas, or even a Gothic Wedding. However, no matter what wedding reception supplies you decide on, do remember to stick with your wedding theme to create a lasting impression on your wedding day.

Cinderella Themed Wedding

Cinderella Theme Wedding

How to create a Cinderella-themed wedding? What do you need? This article gives suggestions on the choice of colors, attires, backdrop, accessories, guests’ favours as well as little things that could add special touches to a fairy-tale wedding.

Religious Theme Wedding

Religious Theme Wedding

Marriage is a very holy affair that is encouraged by some faiths. In this light, there are now some common themes that have been developed as a result of people being devout in their spiritual belief: the most common being, religious, Christian and Cross themes.

A Brown Wedding Theme

Bronze Elegance

Bronze wedding themes or brown wedding themes create an air of elegance to your wedding. As it can be extended to other colours, it is flexible and can be matched easily with other tones. The table is important in setting the theme. A chocolate cake is necessary to live up to this theme.

A Vineyard Wedding Theme

Vineyard Wedding Theme

A vineyard wedding theme merges lush landscape with fine wine with your special day. Guests will be dazzled by the landscape and impressed with your obvious tastes in food, wine and décor.

The Medieval Wedding Theme

Medieval Wedding Theme

Medieval theme weddings set a stage that allows the bride to play princess and the groom to play prince charming. Addressing location, dress and food from the outset is one way to make sure your medieval theme is a hit with all involved.

Unique Wedding Themes

Unique Wedding Theme Collections

The most memorable and unique wedding theme ideas are an extension of the bride and groom and their unique personalities. You can express yourselves by choosing a special wedding theme to celebrate the first day of the rest of your life with your new loving partner.

Spring Wedding Theme

Sculptural White Tiger Lilies Collection

Spring is a great time to have a wedding with all things flower themes. Ideas range from using calla lilies, tiger lilies, spring flowers and a butterfly theme. A major aspect is to draw inspiration from Mother Nature as she provides various colourful and fresh possibilities which can be manipulated to create unique spring wedding themes.

Summer Love Beach Theme

Beach Wedding Theme

How to inculcate bright colors into wedding themes? How do you mesh and match your own unique wedding reception theme? The following article introduces two new themes, namely ‘Arabian Night Theme’ and ‘Summer Love Beach Theme’, which are both unique and exquisite at the same time.

Autumn Wedding Theme

Autumn Wedding Theme

What better theme to select for your reception than a fall wedding where the leaves start to turn yellowish orange, creating an elegant backdrop that looks majestic at the same time. Choose your wedding favors or decorations from a wide variety of autumn wedding theme products which will truly make your reception stand out.


Wedding Themes and Ideas for the Coming Year

Aside from 18th birthday, the most important event in a woman’s life is her wedding day. This is why women spend a great deal of time planning this big day—from consulting wedding magazines to talking to planners to visiting shops that specialize in weddings.

If you are planning to get married for the coming year, one of the first things that you and your partner should consider is the overall theme of your wedding. Having a theme is not a requirement, however, this option has become popular over the last few years for various reasons. First, having a theme sets the overall direction of your wedding. It means that everything that is included in your program is related, making it easier for you to arrange everything that has to do with the celebration. In addition, it gives the impression that you have carefully prepared everything about your wedding. Second, it makes your day extra special. It makes people easily remember your special day because it was marked with something else, that is the theme of your wedding. Third, it allows you to be creative. It makes you and your partner explore on different ideas as to how your dress will look like, what wedding favors to give, or what kinds of food to serve.

What are the themes to consider for 2012?

Vintage is the new glamour in 2012. If you Google the wedding options for 2012, vintage is by far the most popular theme suggested by most wedding experts. Victorian-themed weddings are something to look forward to next year. In fact, you can already find plenty of Victorian-inspired dresses online, which goes to say that many brides would be wearing those Queen Victoria-type wedding dresses—long skirts, corsets, and high necklines, all but with a modern edge. Popular fabric choices for the bride’s gown include lace, linen, cashmere, silk, organdy, and tulle. If you would go for this theme, aside from concentrating on the entourage’s wardrobe and the overall decoration, you may also incorporate the Victorian-inspired theme in your invitations, wedding favors, flowers, and cakes. Fill up the church with roses, for gardens during the Victorian times are filled with these symbols of love. Candles and lanterns would also be popular choices for lighting, since Victorians are all about being romantic.

Match your theme with the season. When you say “wedding theme,” it does not have to be something grand or something super crazy since your guests might think they are attending a birthday party rather than a wedding. If you prefer something simple yet memorable, you can match your wedding with the season.

Spring is a wonderful time for weddings and if you plan to get married during this time, you may consider matching your wedding theme with it. Yellow, along with other bright colors, is not much of a wedding color next year. Go for subtle tones instead such as peach, apricot, and blush. Aside from the fact that these colors are pleasing to the eyes, they are very feminine, highly chic, and exceptionally romantic.

Match the decorations and the bridesmaids’ dresses with the wonderful colors of spring.

Do-It-Yourself. Many couples are now into DIY weddings, not only because they want to add their personal touch to their wedding but more importantly because of budget considerations. This is a good choice for couples with plenty of time to spend before the big day comes as well as for those who have creative hands so as to make everything pleasing and presentable to the guests. In addition, it is an opportunity for the couple to bond well before the big day comes. If you are running out of time, you can simply choose three to five items to personalize: invitations, favors, playlist of wedding songs, guest book, and table decorations. Do not forget to add a signature or something that would tell the guests that you personally created and arranged those items.

Preparing for a wedding is something that couples should take seriously. Deciding on a wedding theme is one way of getting your wedding organized, for not only it creates a unifying idea for your wedding where you can get all things started; it also makes your day extra special for everyone to remember.

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