Comical Couple With The Bride “Having The Upper Hand” Wedding Cake Topper

Comical Couple with the Bride "Having the Upper Hand"Last night my good friend Angela had a purse party at her house. For all of you who do not know what a purse party is, it’s where a business consultant comes to a house and sells knock-off name brand purses for cheaper. I bought a really nice black Coach purse. Anyway, Angela’s mother and a few of her mother’s best friends also came to the party. One of her mother’s friends was looking for a purse to wear to her cousin’s daughter’s wedding the next day.

I was talking to her about how I am engaged and how I’m starting to plan for my wedding. She informed me that her cousin’s daughter was dating her fiancé for eleven years and finally decided to get married. Eleven years is a very long time to be dating someone, so I asked her what finally made her fiancé propose? She said that her cousin’s daughter was finally able to persuade him to marry her.

This story reminded me immediately of a cake topper saw while searching for one for my wedding. This Comical Couple with the Bride “Having the Upper Hand” would be a perfect wedding topper for this couple. If I had only known this story a head of time, I would have suggested this cake topper to them to use.

I really love these kind of cake decor because it’s hilarious. For some couples, the man is afraid of commitment and the woman has to really have “the upper hand” when it comes to deciding on taking the next step in the relationship. This is a really cute and funny way to portray that unique characteristic in your relationship if you so happen to have this situation. It’s a fun wedding cake topper that will make all your guests get to know you more as well as make them laugh.

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