Disposable Wedding Cameras That Involve All of Your Guests

Single Use Camera - Cherry Blossom DesignWedding Cameras are great! They allow all your guests to participate in capturing moments that are very special to you!

When a photographer is hired he/she is there to take posed shots with the family and wedding party. He also is there to take genuine wedding photos too.

Disposable Wedding Cameras on every table in the reception hall will really give you a chance at capturing photos that a photographer cannot always grasp.

The photographer is not always present when some action is going on. So, the cameras really open a big opportunity for anyone to capture a moment.

The cover of the disposable camera is very wedding-like. It is decorated with a white cover and silver cursive writing. On the camera is spells out “My Wedding Day”. The cameras hold 27 exposures, so a lot of pictures will be added up when you collect all the cameras. The camera also comes with a matching table card you can present together on the wedding table.

I think having these wonderful disposable wedding cameras (http://www.wedding-favours.ca/disposable-wedding-cameras/) is a wonderful way to further involve your guests to your wedding. It is fun when you are able to put in your 2 cents in such a fun and exciting way.


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