DIY Wedding Decorations That Look Professional

DIY Table DecorGoing DIY is an adventure that many brides are more than happy to embark on. But unfortunately, not all brides are creative and crafty. Some are worried that they won’t do a great job in dressing up their weddings. Don’t be afraid. With your bridesmaids to back you up and the internet ready to supply you with fabulous ideas that are very easy to make, you can be sure to have a wedding that seems like it was professionally done. Below are some simple but sophisticated DIY wedding decoration ideas for you to check out.

Hanging paper and ribbon decor

Coil colorful paper and ribbon into airy circles and have them dangle at different heights from the ceiling above the wedding tables. Go for suspended curlicues that match the wedding theme and color motif. For example, opt for yellow, light orange and white if you’re having a spring wedding. Blue, turquoise and green are perfect for a wedding at the beach.

Jolly garlands

Fill the wedding venue with festive garlands made of colored paper bags. To make this, cut an inverted triangle on the top part of the paper bag. Decorate the bags with buttons, beads, or colored markers. Hang these bags on a string and put them all around the venue.

Paper pinwheels

Choose patterned paper of contrasting designs for this decorative item. These brightly colored pinwheels can be used as place cards as well. That’s double-duty decorative item for you. You may also use the pinwheels as table centerpiece. How are you going to make that? Simple! Just stick a pinwheel into a pot with soil and put a bunch at the center of each of the guests’ wedding tables.

Paper lanterns

This is especially beautiful for an outdoor wedding. Line up the walkway with paper bags filled with candles so it can look amazing when nighttime falls. Another idea is to hang these paper lanterns from the trees to create a soft romantic glow that will definitely set the mood.

Monogrammed entry

Personalize the entrance of the ceremony venue by posting wooden monograms of the couple’s initials on the door. Decorate these monograms with beads, ribbons or tulle.

Rubber stamp napkins

Play up the cocktail napkins by stamping them with your names. Add a funny quote about marriage so that the guests will enjoy reading the napkin before using it. A good example is a quote from Erma Bombeck: “Marriage has no guarantees. If that’s what you’re looking for, go live with a car battery.”

Rose-covered aisle

Fill the aisle with rose petals in shade of white, red and pink. Add to the visual appeal by placing huge hurricane vases with water and floating candles on both sides of the path.

Imagine how lovely your wedding would turn out to be if you follow these creative decoration ideas. By the end of the wedding, people would be asking you for a referral of your wedding stylist, only to be surprised that you don’t have any.

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