DIY Weddings And Cost Savings

Tulle Wedding DecorMoney is the biggest factor for going DIY on your wedding. As you know, buying wedding items and hiring professionals to do tasks for you can cost a lot. And if you’re a little tight on the budget, it would help greatly if you choose to do most of these things by yourself.

In Canada, the average cost of a wedding is $20,000 to $30,000. Such a big figure, right? It can even go higher if you choose to tie the knot in more prominent cities like Toronto. But you don’t have to spend money that you don’t have just to perfect your wedding.

DIY weddings have become a major hit for a good reason. And it’s that they allow frugal and smart brides to save a lot on the wedding expenses. You’ll be surprised to know that even if you’re not a master crafter, more than of the wedding items can be turned into a DIY project.

Let’s start with the invitations. These are probably the easiest wedding items to make yourself. All you need is a computer, printer and editing software and you’re good to go. Invitations can take up as much as 5 percent of your total wedding budget.

For a $20,000 wedding, that percentage would translate to $1,000. If you buy your own cardstock and use your own printer ink, your expenses will probably not go over $200. See how much you’ve saved in the invitations alone?

Another practical way to save on the wedding expenses is to make your own wedding favors. The thought of making a hundred and one favors for the guests is enough to make you nauseated. But we didn’t say you have to do this alone. You can gather your bridesmaids and even some of your family and friends to help you with this.

Wedding Ribbons In All ColorsAlso, you don’t have to create something that’s elaborate and back-breaking. For example, you can shop for favor boxes online and just fill these up with sweet treats like chocolates and candies. These are instant DIY favors that won’t take too long to accomplish.

The decoration that you’ll use to prettify the ceremony and reception venues can eat up as much as 15 percent of your wedding budget. For a $20,000 wedding, that would mean $3,000. That’s too much for a creative bride who can whip up her own decors using her flair for the crafts. Go online and you’ll find lots of cheap decorative items that you can use to dress up the wedding site.

From ribbons to gemstones to tulle to raffia to crystals to paper lanterns—the choices are countless. And if you fear that your decorating talents and skills are not yet that honed, you can always get inspiration from wedding magazines and websites. You don’t have to be a copycat and create an exact replica of that magazine cover, but you will certainly get a lot of ideas from these sources.

Going DIY on your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful and exhausting. There are plenty of ways to make your own invites, decors and favors without getting too tired. And in the end, you’ll be glad you made this choice as you’ll have plenty of savings left.

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