Easy Steps To DIY Wedding Programs

Laser Expressions Program FolderWhat’s the purpose of the wedding program? To make the guests feel more involved with the ceremony, that is. The more they feel that they’re part of the ceremony, the more likely they’ll enjoy the whole event. Wedding programs are a great way to do that. These would allow family and friends to follow the ceremony. They can also take these items home as souvenirs. Do you think you can pull off creating your own wedding program? You will think so once you see how easy the whole process is.

First Step – What to Include

It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a classic or contemporary affair, it’s necessary to include the following elements:

  • Full names of bride and groom
  • Date and location of the event
  • Order of the wedding ceremony (you may include musical selections, and even the lyrics if they hold special meaning for you)
  • Names of performers
  • Readings
  • Wedding party bios (it would be nice if you can include short description of each of the members’ relationship to you or your beau)
  • Name of officiant
  • Thank you message for the parents and guests
  • Traditions, rituals and ethnic customs with brief explanations
  • Memorial to honor deceased loved ones. Tribute can be in a form of quote, poem, or photograph

Second Step – Personalization

Once you get all the necessary elements covered, the next step is to throw in some details that will personalize the wedding program. Add special touches that will allow guests to get to know both of your more. These would include poems, songs, photographs, quotes, memorabilia, and so on.

For example, one couple who met after seating beside each other in the theater, attached the actual movie tickets they used that time in one of the pages of the wedding program, stating “this is how it all begun.”

Third Step – Making the Wedding Program

There are four ways to make the wedding program. One is to round up your bridesmaids and set up an arts and crafts station at home. Stock up with papers, ribbons, and embellishments. Be sure to inform everyone about the step-by-step procedure on how to make the wedding program the way you like it. Uniformity is key.

Two is to make them using template designs from a computer design software program. This would only work if you’re savvy in using the program. Learn the rudiments first before attempting this route. Three is the easiest, as it would entail you to hire a professional designer to create the wedding program for you. Make sure you oversee the entire process so that it would still end up with the personalized touch that you want.

Finally, buy a DIY kit from an online or offline crafts store. Follow the directions to the dot and voila, you have wedding programs ready for your big day.

Whichever way you pick, see to it that you make a prototype first and then you go about it a dozen times to check for design flaws or errors on grammar and spelling before you proceed in making a hundred more.

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