Easy To Do And Tasty Wedding Favours Using A Personalized Ribbon

This past weekend was wonderful. I’m still trying to recover from all the excitement that took place with Levi, our friends, and I. But, since this is a wedding website, I will share my experience at one of Levi’s cousin’s wedding.

John, Levi’s cousin, met his fiancé, Mary, in college and they dated for about four years. They decided to get married last summer and planned it for this September 2nd. It was a wonderful wedding where friends and family from all over the country came to celebrate.

The wedding ceremony took place in the backyard of John’s childhood house. John’s mother is a landscapist and has even featured her gardens in a few landscape magazines; so naturally, the wedding was a beautiful sight. After the ceremony, we gathered in the rock garden (yes, she has a beautiful rock garden!) for some Champagne and a toast. Then off to the reception site which was held in a building overlooking a Harbor with many beautiful boats.

The reception was really wonderful. The food was something I’ve never experienced before. Both John and Mary love to cook and try really exquisite foods, so they had a lot of variety of food at their wedding. The hors’dourves was simply amazing. They had a creamy hummos with spices, exotic cheeses and fruits, etc.  Their entrée was Moroccan lamb with couscous and Alaskan Rockfish with mango sauce and saffron rice. Wonderful.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the food was the guest souvenir. John and Mary’s wedding favours were simple and delicious; I wanted seconds. (Actually, Levi’s youngest brother Benjamin “accidentally” took two baggies). John and Mary baked their childhood favourites, bon-bons, and chocolate and vanilla cookies. They put them in little brown baggies (like the kinds your mom would pack your lunch in, only smaller). They then folded the top close and hole-punched two holes next to each other where they laced it with a ribbon that said “John and Mary, together forever, September 2, 2007, kind of like these gorgeous ribbons.

bon bons       cookies

Personalized Ribbon

I simply loved this idea because it was simple, clever, cheap, and tasty. The guests loved it not only because the candy and cookies tasted good, but also because John and Mary spent time baking each one. This showed the guests that they care. Great wedding favour idea!

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