Embarrassing Things that can Happen to you at your Wedding Ceremony

Chit Chat BridezillasWhen embarrassing things happen to you, don’t you just wish the earth would open up and swallow you whole? Doing stupid things, making mistakes, and blurting out words that later cause you to turn into every shade of red are not that big of a deal. Yes, you feel embarrassed for a while but you actually get over them after some time.

However, this might not be the same if it happened during such a special occasion like your wedding. Not only would more than a hundred people be there to witness your mishap, it would also be forever commemorated in photos and videos. To make sure nothing embarrassing happens to you on your big day, here are some embarrassing things that commonly happen during wedding ceremonies that you should watch out for.

Flat as a Pancake

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white—wait, where is the bride? Oh, right she’s right there on the floor! Making that nerve-racking walk down the aisle is difficult for many brides not only because they are feeling giddy and nervous but also because the shoes and clothes may make it hard for them to walk comfortably! To avoid this problem, break in your shoes several weeks before your wedding and practice walking on them around the house. Moreover, be sure that the length of your dress is something that you can manage comfortably.

The Name Game

You are just getting started with the vow as you say, “I take you, Rob, as my lawful husband—”  when oops, you remember that you are marrying John! You catch the glimpse of stricken horror in your groom’s face and that of his parents and you realize that it is too late to do anything except to repeat the vow. Rest assured, this is something that your husband would never forget in your lifetime. It may even leave a dent in your relationship. Moral of the story? Marry the right guy! This way you won’t have to make a conscious effort not to blurt out other guy’s names.

The Strange Case of the Bride and the Bridezilla

The bride is a pleasant and lovely lady all dressed in white. But she can morph into this monstrous bridezilla without her even knowing it! If you are a bride, watch out for this alter-ego that may suddenly appear. Your alter-ego may make you say things that you would regret after the wedding is over. Be nice to everyone and that includes not only your guests but everyone who was part of the wedding celebration such as the caterer, musician, florists, food servers, and many more.

There is no such thing as a perfect wedding. Even if you have carefully planned your wedding down to the smallest detail, it is still possible for some mishaps to happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff! The important thing is that you do not end up doing embarrassing things that would make you run into hiding for the next couple of years.

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