Fall Wedding Favors – An Autumn Splendor

Together Forever - Mini Acorn CandlesFall wedding favors are usually given to wedding guests on a seasonal basis as a token to denote the warmth and intimacy of autumn or fall during random wedding receptions. Weddings during the fall season have many popular perks and choices just like any other wedding on all kinds of seasons.

Wedding favors during fall can include a variety of things that can be given to guests as special gifts. Favors can vary from food to souvenirs. Food can be in the form of solid or liquid. This can include personalized homemade jams, locally produced autumn wines, special ciders, Home-made jellies with engraved names of guests and a lot more. Dedication, creativity and patience are needed to make an excellent fall wedding favor.

The season of fall

Dates of weddings are very important for the overall theme and design of wedding favors. You can’t just design a snow-themed wedding with cold colors during the summer season. Not only will the guests feel awkward but it would give a feel that you messed up your very special wedding.

Fall is considered as one of the best times of the year to get married. This is due to the amount of sunshine and warm weather that is abundant but not too much during these times. It gives the wedding a warm feel and a happy disposition.

Colors and Designs

French Provençal Mini Decorative PitcherFor fall weddings or autumn weddings, the colors chocolate, yellow, gold, red and burnt orange would be the most popular colors. They can fit in any theme designed for a fall or an autumn wedding. These colors can very well reflect an actual fall wedding favor. An important aspect in a wedding favor would be the box. Boxes of fall wedding favors can be decorated with flowers or ribbons that match the autumn theme. For a bomboniere, the nets for the favor can be in the colors red, yellow, brown, gold, ochre, plum, or peach. Combination of the mentioned colors can also be done. Favors can be decorated using warm leaves that are colored appropriately for the season. This can give a rustic feel and the remains can be used as additional designs for wedding table decorations. The reception tables of the wedding can be decorated with brown leaves, gold and various ribbons designed for the season of fall or autumn.

Favors and Tables

The wedding favors can be placed at the top of each table setting using a centerpiece of apples, peach roses, pine cones, berries, and other kinds of freshly picked designs. They can be finished with gold or ivory trimmings.

The Gift

Wedding favors that are done during the season of fall are usually diverse in nature. There is a multitude of themes, designs and styles. The choice of what kind of wedding to put up would only be limited to the imagination of the bride, the groom and everyone involved in the preparation.

Most couples would like to personalize their commemorative gifts. The personalization can vary from the couple’s name, the date, the things the couple like, anything related to the couple or just about anything that the couple would like to express and make the guests know. Examples would include wedding flowers, personalized pens, trinket boxes, candles, goblets, coasters, vases, key chains, dried flowers or just about anything related to the season of fall or autumn.


Aside from the usual wedding favors that can be given during fall, you can always include general alternatives that can be suited to fit the theme inherent in a fall or autumn.

Photo albums that are themed in a fall season manner make great favors. Keep it small as possible. Make it a beautifully made miniature with real dried leaves in a special paper. These albums may hold 20-40 pictures that would bring the best of both the outdoors and indoors.

Photo coasters that are thematically linked to autumn make good favors. Photo coaster can be done by putting imprints of fall leaves. A rich coaster in burgundy can add flair and elegance to any kind of fall wedding reception. Photo coasters can be designed to whatever design you see fit for the occasion.

Wine stoppers are general favors that can be good as favors for fall if the theme matches that of a fall season. Imagine how the guests would remember the celebration of your wedding each time they celebrate an event with a wine opening ceremony. The color of bronze can do wonders in making a simple fall themed wine stopper.

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