Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen Gifts


Spectacular Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Thanking your groomsmen should go beyond a few high fives and gushes of “you’re the best man.” While these are enough for them since they don’t really expect anything when they do things for you, it’s still a nice idea to give them something that will show how much you appreciate all their help and support without being mushy or cheesy about it. These gift ideas below are great for this specific purpose.

BBQ Tools

There are plenty of BBQ tools in the market that you can give away to your buddies. One good example would be the Perfect Groomsmen Wedding Gift 5-Piece BBQ Tools in Black Golf Bag and Golf Grips. Whether your groomsmen love to hit a hole in one in the golf course or not, this will be a “par-fect” gift for them. You can all enjoy some BBQ grilling in the backyard or a beach BBQ party during the summer. The novelty of the item is one thing that they’re going to love about it as it’s not the usual BBQ tool that you can find just about anywhere. Truly, the combination of golf and BBQ makes this an amazing gift that would impress your friends.

Steel Flasks

For your buddies who love to drink, a personalized stainless steel flask would be a much appreciated gift. There’s also another type to consider and this is the brushed finish stainless steel tankard gift. This one is great for your beer-chugging buds. Add more personality to the flask or tankard by customizing it. You can have their names printed on the surface of the flask or you simply add a thoughtful message disguised as a funny anecdote. Something like, “Your rowdiness drives me crazy sometimes but you know I wouldn’t be here without you” would make him laugh and touched at the same time.

Multi Tools

Men have always been known for their handy skills. Even your groomsmen, when they’re not busy helping you out with the wedding preparations, you’ll find them buried into their own DIY projects like building a cabinet, constructing a tree house, or fixing their car. This is why, they would surely appreciate a gift set composed of stainless steel multi-tools. It’s a pocket tool that includes pliers, corkscrew, screwdriver, bottle opener, scissors and many more. It’s about 12 pieces all in all. Since it’s a pocket tool, your pal can bring it anywhere he wants so it’s especially great for traveling and camping trips.

Luggage Tag Set

Speaking of travel, for your friends who love to go out there and embark on life-changing journeys, it would be a wonderful idea to give them luggage tag set. But not just any tag set. Give something that’s extra special like one that is made from stainless iron to ensure the durability of the product. As you know, baggage gets tossed around a lot in the airport so you want something that won’t easily break apart. Best of all, these tags can be personalized. Apart from the real name and contact information of your buddy, you can add in his funny nickname or the alias that you and your other close friends baptized him with.

Brass Cigar Tube

Buy a silver plated brass cigar tube, where you can place the celebratory cigars for the after-wedding party. It’s a stylish present that comes with a black velvet pouch. The guys will surely appreciate this gift whether they smoke or not because of its exquisite design and practical use. It can also be a decorative item to be placed in the living area of the home if your friend doesn’t smoke. If one of your groomsmen have been trying to quit smoking for a long time, it would be better though to skip this idea and opt for any of those mentioned above.

No matter what your budget is, no matter what your groomsmen like to do in their spare time, you would surely find something that would suit them. There is a wide range of unique groomsmen gift in the online market, particularly in reputable wedding websites such as these. When you’ve found the perfect gift, don’t stop there. Take a step further to personalize and customize your present so that the guys will appreciate it even more.


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