Personalized Wedding Handkerchiefs


Give Personalized Wedding Handkerchiefs To Parents And Family

Scrambling to find the perfect gift to your mother, your future mother-in-law or your grandmother who insisted on traveling for long hours just to see you walk down the aisle? Look no further, a personalized wedding handkerchief is one of the best gifts that you can give your parents and family. These are personalized keepsakes that can make your mom or grandma cry. At the same time, they can use these to dry their tears. Handkerchiefs can be personalized with a monogram. Better yet, with your personal message of thanks and gratitude. Not sure how to go about this? Here are the steps in finding the perfect handkerchiefs for your family.

Search online

So many things to do, so little time—many brides find themselves chanting this adage while they struggle to keep up with the piles of tasks that need to be done for their special day. Now, thanks to the online market, most of the things that they need to do can be accomplished via the online route. Even the wedding handkerchiefs that you’re dying to give to your family can be purchased online. The internet can help you find wedding handkerchiefs to purchase and at the same time, make informed choices as it allows you to conduct extensive price and product comparisons. Not to mention, online market always offers bargain deals that would make your wallet smile.

Learn the various types

Try typing wedding handkerchief in the search engine and you’ll get a million of results. Obviously, there are lots of choices for this particular product. But to narrow down things, some of those that you should consider getting for your family include the monogrammed wedding handkerchief, gentleman’s handkerchief, lacy or crocheted handkerchief, and so on. The customized monogrammed wedding handkerchief is what you want to buy if you intend to put a thoughtful message on the hanky. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a love poem or a personal letter, the important thing is you get to say what you want to say.

The gentleman’s handkerchief, as the term implies, are for the men of your life like your dad and brothers. The lacy and floral ones may be perfect for your mommy and mother-in-law but the male side of the family won’t appreciate them at all. Finally, some handkerchiefs come with intricate lacy or crocheted designs. These types of hankies can be personalized with monogrammed embroideries but it can be difficult to print a long message on them.

Pick a color

Picking a color isn’t as easy as you think. For one, you need to ensure that it’s neutral enough to match or complement your wedding color but at the same time, not too plain to be boring. The color of the hanky should also fit the person’s taste and personality. You don’t want to give a white hanky to someone who hates this color. Although shades of white are the only colors you have in mind when it comes to personalized handkerchiefs, there are actually a lot more to choose from. To the younger members of the family like your brothers and sisters, you can be more daring in color choices. Your mom might not be able to use a hot pink hanky but your sister probably would.

Set a budget

Personalized handkerchiefs are not that expensive. But they’re not cheap either. Cost depends on various factors and these include material, customization, packaging, and quality. Set a budget for this expense and stick to it but don’t scrimp too much to the point that you sacrifice quality. What you should do is to seek out discounts in the online market, where you can find lots of good bargains on almost every product you can imagine.

Think about the presentation

Apart from the gift itself, the packaging matters too. Present the keepsake in such a way that the message would be seen right away. You may also choose to present or give the handkerchief as part of the reception program when you make your speech and thank your family for their precious love and all-out support.

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