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Question from Debbie:

My daughter is getting married in Sa overlooking the sea. Prior to the reception there will be plus /minus 9 wrought iron tables on the lawn. As the mother of the bride my daughter has asked me to dress them.  I have considered hurricane lamps with large candle, vases with LED water activated lighting. Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

Answer from Bridal Expert Angela:

Hi Debbie.  Your ideas sound great so far.  The hurricane lamps are both practical and pretty with the wrought iron—if it is windy out, the candles will remain lit, and the weight of both the lamp and candle will not fall over.  It is a good choice.  Vases with LED water activated lighting is very beautiful—especially in the evening.  Think about how protected or windy the area might be—if the vases are not substantial they could be knocked over with a strong wind.  You could weigh the vases down with rocks in the bottom (if there is room). 

You don’t say whether you are having table linen, but I assume not since the wrought iron by itself is sufficient.  I would suggest dressing the chairs with a simple, large bow on the back.  It will create a festive air to the space.  The bow could be in white, or in the wedding colours, or a combination.  I suggest making the bows out of sinamay mesh or tulle.  They come in a large selection of colours, and can be formed to create a nice full bow.  Just follow the link and choose either ceremony or reception decorations to find the sinamay mesh or tulle

Good luck, and if you have further questions feel free to ask.

Angela Fiebelkorn, Ask The Expert

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