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Question from Victoria:

We need help. My fiance is Latino and I am Spanish. We want to carry our heritage out in our wedding theme. We want it to be pretty, elegant yet festive and colorful. What colors would you suggest for us? I really have a thing for the colors pink and chocolate, but not sure if that is enough splash for a Spanish wedding. And what about flowers and decor, any suggestions would be greatly be appreciated.  Thank you.

Answer from Bridal Expert Angela:

Hi Victoria, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  Choosing colours for your wedding is a very personal thing, and there is no one true way—it is a personal expression. 

Pink and chocolate are great colours, and when you are choosing them they should have the same colour tone.  If you are using a dark chocolate colour, use an equally vibrant pink.  If you are using a soft pink, you should have a soft brown colour. 

Most nationalities use the colours of their flag to make a colour statement (ie. red and yellow is identified with Spain, sometimes with blue, sometimes with green).  Some cultures tend to use other specific colours, and this preference is often regional, so may differ depending on the spanish community you belong to.  I suggest you take a look at spanish architecture and paintings by spanish artists to identify the colour combinations you like the best.  This is your wedding, and the colours you choose should be because you like them, and want them. 

In the article shown above, you might choose traidic colours like red, yellow and blue, which include the typical spanish colours.  This would be a bold statement and since you have chosen chocolate and pink, I don’t think you would be happy using those colours.  Brown is a neutral colour, and pink is a great accent colour with the white that accompanies weddings.  Although you can choose whatever you like, my suggestion is to go with your first choice of chocolate and pink.  Additional touches of white in that colour scheme would be very beautiful and elegant.

If you look at the wedding decorations or the wedding favours that are available, you will get ideas on how to incorporate your colours into your wedding decor.  Study magazines, and surf the internet for other ideas.  Without knowing your taste, it is difficult to suggest anything more specific. 

Instead of making your wedding a big spanish statement, let the wedding be a statement about you and your fiance.  You can incorporate the latin influence in key things like the wedding cake table, or the guest book table at the reception, to acknowledge your heritage.  Talk to your eldest relatives for family traditions that are no longer kept, and you might get some great personal ideas for making your wedding day uniquely yours.

Once you have your colours chosen, flowers and decor automatically follow those colours, so take your time, and choose what you love.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email again.

Angela Fiebelkorn, Ask The Expert

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