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Question from Melissa:

Hi, I am getting married in a catholic ceremony at 4pm in september. We are having a reception in a country house about half an hour form the chapel.
Our idea for the reception is a buffet and drinks with cabaret act then dj.  I am wondering how we would arrange this buffet ( the venue has a separate
room for the buffet table and the bar) with the main hall for tables and dancing.

There are roughly 100 guests and I don’t know whether to have tables and a head table and seats for everyone or just seats and tables at back of hall…and how much space do we need for the dancing?

I am struggling with lots of things as I know very little about weddings and also we only have 5 months to plan it!!

Answer from Bridal Expert Angela:

Hi Melissa, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  I would recommend that you have a head table, and guest tables set in the main hall, but, without seeing the space, it is difficult to judge.  Of course, leave space for the dancing.  Ask at the venue—ask the caterer.  They have held hundreds of events and they know what works best for their space.  Get their expert opinion.

In fact, whenever you are in doubt, ask.  Ask the caterer.  Ask the printer.  Ask the florist.  They are all experts in what they do, and they are there to provide a service to you.  It’s OK to keep phoning them back—they are used to it.  In fact, if you start asking lots of questions, they will most likely start telling you things that you never thought of asking.  They see you are interested, and most of these venues want your goodwill for the service they provide. 

It is common to try to do it all yourself, but there is no need to.  Ask them what your options are.  Ask them their opinion.  People love giving their opinion—it doesn’t mean you have to do it their way, it’s just another perspective to make it easier to decide what you want.

Good luck, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Angela Fiebelkorn, Ask The Expert

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