How to Coordinate Wedding Flowers with Spectacular Centerpieces

Wedding centerpiece with flowersCoordination is key when it comes to planning weddings. With all the different elements such as gown, flowers, and reception, you’ll want to make sure that each element enhances the other. Flowers are the most common and popular type of centerpieces at wedding receptions. Matching your wedding flowers with your centerpiece not only makes sense, it will also add harmony to your wedding. If you would like to match your wedding flowers with spectacular centerpieces, read on for some cool tips.

Buy in bulk
Choose your favorite flower and decide which colors to use in your wedding. Remember to match your flowers to your wedding theme, if you have one. Once you’ve made your decision, buy in bulk. This way, you’ll get a better deal from the florist. You should also ask about the blooming period of your chosen flowers. Some flowers may need to be bought and delivered a few days before the ceremony in order to be in perfect full bloom for your wedding. If your chosen flowers have a strong scent, think twice before adding these to centerpieces. The strong odors may clash with the food.

Be consistent
To match your wedding flowers and your centerpiece, use the same flowers in decorating the church, the bridal bouquet, and the centerpieces. Be sure to choose a versatile flower that will look good in many different arrangements.

Be creative
You can move beyond exact flower matches and choose different colors of the same type of flower for church decorations, the bridal bouquet, and the centerpieces. You can also opt for different flowers in the same color palette. Still another alternative is to choose flowers by theme, such as spring, English garden, or tropical. If you want to use the same flowers for your wedding decorations and centerpieces, experiment with creative containers. Outdoor adventurers might use miniature lanterns instead of vases.

Add other elements
Avoid overwhelming guests with flowers by adding other elements to your centerpieces, such as fruit or candles. Make sure that your chosen items will complement and enhance the flowers, not overpower them. You can also opt for a personal touch and use copies of cherished pictures or other mementos along with your chosen flowers in your centerpieces.

Hang it up
Instead of putting your flower centerpieces on the table, why not hang these above the table? Dangling flowers will be a creative and unexpected touch that will be sure to wow your guests.

Use flowers for numbers
One fun way to coordinate your wedding flowers with your centerpieces is to use flowers instead of table numbers. Use a different type of flower for each table. Make sure that the flower is easily recognizable to most people.

Incorporate your wedding favors
Your flowers can do double duty as centerpieces and wedding favors. Once you have matched your wedding flowers to your centerpiece, arrange bunches of a single type of flower as your centerpiece. Engrave the vases with the newlyweds’ initials or a special message. Request guests to take a vase of flowers home as a wedding favor.

Go silk.
If your budget can’t accommodate a lot of fresh flowers, you can use fresh flowers only in your bouquet and buy or rent matching silk flowers to decorate the church and use as centerpieces. You can also scour garage sales for old vases that fit your wedding theme. Centerpieces don’t have to be large and costly. A single flower with greenery in a simple vase is elegant and affordable.

Coordinating your wedding flowers to your centerpieces will ensure a complementary wedding that will leave a sweet scent in the minds of your guests.

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