Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have become a trend for couples who are looking for a wedding that is beyond the traditional. The fact that an outdoor wedding ceremony is already surrounded with beautiful scenery makes it even more popular because this means fewer expenses for the decoration. With so many outdoor venues to choose, finding that perfect place to hold your big day is not too much of a difficult task.

Finding inexpensive ways to decorate your outdoor wedding should not be too hard either. Here is a practical guide that will help you come up with nice and wonderful decorations for your outdoor wedding without going beyond your budget.

Where, oh where?

The venue of the outdoor wedding is one of the factors that will determine what kind of decorations to have. Since outdoor locations vary, you have to make your choice first to make the decoration planning simpler and easier. Some of these ideas will help you get started:

Beach – White folding chairs, tropical flowers, tiki torches, driftwood decorations, centerpieces made of shells and sand

Backyard – Printed backdrops, tarpaulins, lattice fences, trellis of flowers, wire arch of flowers or balloons

Garden – Floral arrangements, garlands, tulle, lights, tea light candles

Park – Flowers arranged neatly on pills or columns, balloon sculptures, candles, Grecian columns

Table Centerpiece: Center of Attraction

Table centerpieces are some of the most important elements of wedding decoration. To save on this aspect, try making it a do-it-yourself project with the help of your bridesmaids or friends. Here are some table centerpiece ideas that are easy to make.

  • Put a candle inside a tall glass, wrap the glass with thin handmade paper and you will have one elegant piece of a candle table centerpiece.
  • Find some mason jars at home, put some flowers in it and tie the jar with a raffia ribbon.
  • Borrow some small potted plants from your dad’s garden and decorate the pots with satin ribbon.
  • Get a hold of a clear vase, fill it up with sand, and top it off with seashells, starfish and other great finds on the beach.

More Ideas on Inexpensive Outdoor Wedding Décor

  • Use tulle to hang around the edges of gazebos, podiums, aisles, trellises and so on. Tulle is an expensive material that can add a touch of class to your wedding.
  • Do not tie all the chairs with a bow tie, have it on every other chair only or only on the chairs located near the aisle.
  • Opt for balloons to decorate a wedding trellis or arch. If you really want to use flowers, choose those that are grown in your area and are in season.
  • Rent a tent. It may add to the cost of the wedding but it pays to be sure that your guests will be kept safe from sudden burst of rains or extreme heat. If possible, find a venue that provides free tent covering.
  • Gather some friends to trim the lawn in your backyard. To save the extra cost of hiring someone to manicure the lawn, turn the chore into one afternoon of fun and enjoyment by making it a time to do the chore together and have some bonding moment.
  • Use candles for lighting. Instead of equipping the venue with light bulbs that cost a lot, use candles that would even add a dramatic effect to the event.

Outdoors weddings are always fun. Not only do people get to enjoy the wonderful warmth of the sun and the cool breeze, the beauty of nature also makes the event beautiful and stunning. To ensure that you make the most out of your outdoor wedding celebration, keep all of these tips in mind.

Source: This article was submitted by Wendy L. Bishop.

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