Keep Your Asian Wedding Theme Consistent With These Asian Love Glass Coasters Wedding Favours

This past June, my cousin Jen got married to her long time fiancé, Wayne. Jen and Wayne’s wedding was a beautiful one that incorporated both of their cultures and heritage. Wayne’s family is from Taiwan and their wedding reflected that wonderful culture.

Jen and Wayne did a lot of different things to unite both cultures into their wedding. For one, the main colors featured at their wedding was red, which is a typical color found in Asian weddings. Jen’s roses were red, the cake had red roses cascading down in, the flower arrangements on the table contained red and white flowers, etc…

Another thing they did that reflected Taiwanese culture in their wedding, was to serve Taiwanese food at the reception. They had a wonderful selection of delicious steak, rice, Taiwanese tea, etc… They also gave all of their guests chopsticks. I tried my best at using them.

Wayne’s parents also gave a Taiwanese wedding blessing at the beginning of the reception. Wayne’s father gave it in both languages so that all of Jen’s family would be able to understand.

Also, Jen’s wedding favours reflected Taiwanese culture. Jen and Wayne gave their guests these Asian Love Glass Coasters as our wedding favour. I simply love these coasters and use them in my home all the time. Coasters are great wedding favours because everyone needs more of them in their home. Plus, a lot of wedding favour coasters can reflect some aspect of you and your fiancé, like how the Chinese character of “Love” is printed on the top.

 Asian Love Glass Coasters

Remember to keep consistency throughout your wedding. Jen and Wayne did a successful job at it by following the Taiwanese theme throughout the entire wedding, including the wedding favours. There are so many wedding favours out there that will work perfectly for your wedding, all you have to do is check out Wine Wedding Favours for more coaster wedding favour ideas.


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