Last Minute Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding LanternsWhile some brides are blessed with the gift of time, others are not. Some would have at least six months or even a year to prepare but there are those brides that have to do the whole planning in the nick of time. So how are you going to manage everything especially the wedding reception decorations? Do not fear! Here comes to your rescue and aid these excellent suggestions on last minute reception decoration ideas that would result in a splendid wedding.

  • Need an instant big décor? Rush to the backyard and get a fallen limb from a tree. Clean this and paint with gold or silver spray for that shimmery effect. Get rid of all the loose bark. Dress it up with craft supplies, hang picture frames or adorn with colorful Christmas balls.
  • Make an ice ring. Since your barely have time to decorate the reception venue, let alone find a decent ice sculptor, why not make your own? Before you ditch the idea because you don’t feel any artistic inclination within you, don’t. This one can be done by anyone whether with artistic inclination or none. Get a big punch bowl. Put a smaller metal bowl inside it. The space between the two bowls should be filled with decorative items such as silk flowers, fake jewels and so on. Fill this space with water and set in freezer. Once frozen, remove from the freezer and take out the small bowl. The ice ring should be kept inside the freezer until the reception begins.
  • Illumine the reception venue with paper bag lanterns. This idea is inexpensive and yet very visually appealing. To make the paper bag lanterns, you simply have to put candles inside. Make sure they’re held in durable candle holders that won’t cause a burn out. These paper bag lanterns should be spread throughout the reception venue. Light them up and see the place come to life.
  • Quick but gorgeous centerpieces can be achieved by using tall clear vases. Fill these up with any colorful items such as citrus and tropical fruits and then top off with a fresh flower bloom. Voila, you have table centerpieces that can serve also as conversation starters among your guests.
  • Another easy-to-do centerpiece idea is to make use of the “LOVE” plates set. These are pink plates that come in the shapes of letters—yes, you guessed it right—L, O, V, and E. Just pour into these plates sweet treats that are bustling with color to create an instant wedding decorative piece.
  • Double the work of your wedding favors and other reception items. Wedding favors are a good way to say thanks to the people who partook in this special event. But other than that, they can also serve as pretty reception décor. All you have to do is to arrange them the right way. For example, if you’re giving away mini potted flower plants to your guests as take-home souvenir, place these on a three-tiered cupcake holder and you have yourself an instant table centerpiece. It saves you time and effort, right?

Time is surely wonderful to have. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that its absence will ruin your wedding. It won’t. You can still end up with a magnificent wedding even if you have very limited time for planning and preparations.

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