“Love Notes” Sticky Notes Are A Practical Gift A Well As Sweet And Nostalgic

"Love Notes" Sticky NotesThere are many different kinds of wedding keepakes you and your fiancé need to choose from. But, no matter what wedding guest gift you decide to use, you might want to consider a wedding favour that your guests will actually use. I believe that these are the best wedding favours.

Many different kinds of table guest gifts fall into this category. You can give your guests coasters, pens, tea in a tea cup, etc… This “Love Notes” Sticky Notes in Nostalgic Dispenser Gift Box with Dainty Heart Charm is just one example I stumbled upon that would make a practical souvenir that is beautiful too.

These sticky notes are useful for any household or office because they are very handy in reminding responsibilities you need to get done. They are also useful if you want to leave a little memo or note for anyone else. But what I really like about these sticky notes is that they have a nostalgic romantic spin to them. They greatly remind me of elementary school when I used to pass notes to the boys I like (remember… “Do you like me? Circle yes, no, or maybe”) and such. That’s why they make such a great gift; these sticky notes are practical, yet sweet and romantic. They are the perfect wedding favour.

"Sweetie Pies" Mini Pie Packaging KitsNow, I’m not too sure how the men at you wedding will like these sticky notes. In fact, I do not see my dad or my fiancé Levi having these sticky notes sitting on their desk in their office. However, these sticky notes are great for the house and for women to have in their office. I mean, it’s really not a big deal to give the men different keepsakes. Best bet is that they probably won’t like many of the “cutesy” table gifts you are thinking of giving your guests. You might want to give them a golf ball perhaps.
All in all, I think that these sticky notes are a great and creative wedding guest gift.

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