Outdoor Wedding Decorations For Sunny And Not So Sunny

Outdoor Wedding IdeasGood weather—that’s what every bride prays for her outdoor wedding. But not everyone is granted this wish. Not to mention, it’s also quite difficult to achieve the perfect weather—something that’s sunny but not too hot, a little cool but not too windy, and of course, no rain or snow. The next best thing to do is to prepare for both a sunny and not-so-sunny weather, as you never really know which one of these two will arrive on your big day. Make use of wedding décor that can also serve as protection from weather elements. Here are some ideas to ponder on.

Even if the trusted local weatherman promised a bright day on your wedding, you’d still be better off with having a roof above your heads. And it’s not only for the rain but also for the overly strong sun that can leave your guests dried and dehydrated if you’re not going to provide any shelter. A huge tent is the best option for this. Be sure to tie in the décor of the tent with the theme of the wedding to make an impact. Having a carnival theme? Then opt for a circus tent for that jovial and one-of-a-kind reception look. For a Victorian themed wedding, a vintage marquee is the right fit.

Paper parasols come in all shapes and sizes. The brilliant colors and striking patterns make a stunning decoration that guests would fancy. Not only that, these are an effective solution for protecting the guests against the scorching heat of the sun. Have each of the guests carry his/her own parasol and your wedding will be filled with beautiful colors and patterns that would look awesome in the photos. To match this, hand over refreshing cocktails to the guests adorned with cute little parasols of the same color as to what they’re holding. If you’re afraid that there’s a chance that it’s going to rain on your wedding day, opt for parasols made in plastic to provide ample protection.

Freestanding Umbrellas
Like the two previous ideas, this one can also work rain or shine. Freestanding umbrellas can be like those you’ll find on beach setting with blue and white stripes or tropical palm design, making guests feel as if they’re in a tropical paradise. Umbrellas can also be similar to those you’ll find in coffee shops made of plain canvas that lends an urban feel to your outdoor wedding. Whichever you choose, expect that they’ll take the wedding décor a notch higher and at the same time, give you some peace of mind knowing that your guests are well protected against rain and heat.

In a way, decorating an outdoor wedding is easier because there’s already an abundance of natural beauty to prettify the venue. But in another way of looking at it, it can also be more complicated because there are more things to consider starting with the weather. But leave your worries behind. These practical decoration ideas can ensure that you’ll have the perfect wedding whether it’s sunny or not-so-sunny.

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