Photo album favors anyone?

photo-album-favours.jpgFavors are the perfect way to say thank you to your guests at your wedding, wedding shower, engagement or any other special event. What more special way to say thank you to your guests by including a special photograph melded to their wedding favor to last a lifetime. Even in our modern age of computers, internet, digital technology, CDs and DVDs, there is nothing that can replace the feeling of holding a good old fashioned tried and true photograph for most people. You would be wise to save your favorite wedding pictures in beautiful photo album favors to be enjoyed and shared with guests for years to come.

The term Photograph actually originates from the Greek words photos which carries the meaning "light" and graphein meaning "drawing" This term was first used by the scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839,  to describe a method of recording images through the action of light or radiation, on a sensitive material. The first real photo was taken 1827 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce and at about the same time by Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre. These were essentially experiments and the photos were temporary and took hours to expose. It would take more than a decade more of experimentation before exposure time would be reduced to less than 30 minutes and the resultant image stable. This breakthrough ushered in the age of modern photography

If you decide to preserve your wedding and wedding reception pictures why not do so using an elegant keepsake photo album favor to be shared with all guests. There are many choices to pick a perfect wedding photo album favor from. You will definitely find designs to match your wedding decor at the many wedding stores both online and in retail. These are ultimate practical special occasion memento they are part favor, part photo album and all class. Rest assured you are giving your guests a useful and elegant favor, a keepsake that they can use to capture their own favorite memories for many years to come. If you would like to embrace technology and cut cost why not give guests a digital photo album burned into a CD-ROM with a beautiful detailed cover to be screened in their homes. This will be cheaper than a traditional photo album favor as the cost of printing a CD media is far less than traditional methods. Of course this looses some of that immediacy of an old fashioned photo album.

wedding dvdGiving out photo album favors entails a fair amount of preparation and planning as the photos must be either traditionally developed or digitally developed beforehand and placed in the albums before the ceremony. If you are short of time it is best not to attempt this or to resort to the digital method using read only media such as DVDs or CDs. This can be just as meaningful and you can include videos in the selection too which is not possible with traditional media. Of course for those with enough money to burn they could give out digital photo albums that combine the best of digital and traditional albums as these digital albums can display photos just like a traditional album but can also show both videos and sounds. These marvels of technology can also store thousands of pictures and video clips but unfortunately they cost quite a lot, making them too expensive for most people to consider as a wedding keepsake.

The question of whether or not you have to give wedding favours to your guests is a very common one. The answer though isn’t so straightforward and easy. Although it is true that there is no written rule specifically requiring you to give your guests any type of mementos at your wedding but it is a fact that your guests will likely be expecting to receive some sort of keepsake. The choice is ultimately up to your prerogative. If there is enough budget, then it would be a good choice. If you do decide to hand out wedding favors then photo album favours are a great choice as they are both personal and memorable.

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