Primus Long Distance – Worst Experience Ever with Primus

We recently spoke to a bride who was outraged at her treatment by Primus Long Distance.

We wanted to let her share her story with other brides here on our blog:

"I am a bride and needed to make long distance calls to arrange my wedding. I was ripped off.

Don’t ever agree with any sales rep from Primus calling you for a better long distance plan!They rip you off: they record your agreement but the things the rep tells you on the phone before the recording is different and misleading and is not recorded. Then, when you receive your very high bill, the customer service rep is insulting and plays back only part of the conversation which became their legal agreement.

I have spoken with a few friends about it and one of them had the same problem, same deception.  We have a bitter taste about this company.

Beware and don’t let yourself be recorded after someone tells you it’s just a confirmation of your existing long distance plan, because they switch you over to them and you are paying big for things you never paid before.

I did not need this terrible problem with Primus right before my wedding. Every dollar counts when a wedding costs almost 15,000 bucks.

Primus sucks and I think they are dishonest."

Jennifer S.




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