Ring Bearer Pillows – Wedding Supplies That Signify “Love”

The best bit about weddings is that for every single item that you would need to have on that day, there is always a wide selection for you to choose from. As the bride, this is probably where you’ll have the most fun because it means you get to do lots and lots of shopping! And what girl doesn’t love to shop? There is always a huge selection to choose from for wedding supplies, even items as simple as ring bearer pillows.

Love Bird Ring PillowRing bearer pillows are also sometimes known as ring bearer cushions, although it really doesn’t matter either way what you call it since they are both the same thing. But these pillows are no ordinary pillows. These pillows are made of fine material and will be beautifully decorated with lace, ribbons, tiny crystals or pearls and you can be sure will probably be one of the most beautiful pillows you have ever seen.

In ancient times, cushions and pillows were used only by the wealthy of society as they were once considered luxury items and only those of high standing or great wealth were allowed to possess one of these. Nowadays, cushions and pillows are owned by nearly everyone. These cushions or pillows can come in various shapes, and the ones used in wedding ceremonies are usually either the traditional square shape, the romantic heart shape, or even the ordinary old circle shape depending on what the happy couple eventually wants to choose to go for.

Ring bearer pillows (or cushions) are usually just a small simple pillow which serves a rather important purpose at the wedding. On this pillow are going to be placed what are probably the two most important objects at the wedding – the bride and grooms’ wedding rings. On the day of the wedding, the two wedding rings will be placed in the very center of the pillow and all eyes will be on not just the rings, but the pillow as well, as it is brought slowly down the aisle towards the couple by the ring bearer.

The ring bearer is usually a young boy and can be a member from either the bride or groom’s side. The little boy will be in charge of carrying the pillow with the two wedding rings on it and it will be his job to walk down the aisle with the pillow in hand when the time comes. The pillow will be held up very slightly so that the two rings are clearly visible to the entire congregation as it makes its way towards the eagerly waiting bride and groom.

Seaside Allure Ring PillowThere really is no standard or specific size for the ring bearer pillows, as they could easily be customized to the couples’ liking. Some couples may want a nice big pillow, while others may prefer to have just something small and simple. So long as it serves the main purpose of holding the rings while they are brought down the aisle, it will do. Do bear in mind, however, that since the ring bearer is a child, you probably don’t want to have the pillow too big as it might be too much for the young boy.

And like everything else about the wedding, these ring bearer pillows are most often white in color, because white does seem to be the general theme at weddings. But the couple could always opt to go for a different color scheme such as cream, beige or pale blue if they wanted. And they could have it decorated according to their wedding theme too. So, for example, if the color scheme of the wedding is not necessarily entirely white, it is alright if the pillows are of a different color too. What really matters if that the color the couple chooses does not clash with any element of the wedding.

The use of these pillows at the wedding ceremony adds a certain touch of elegance to the entire wedding ceremony. The rings are the most important items at the wedding because they are what will be used to signify that the couple is now bound together as husband and wife, so it is only fair that they get their fair share of attention during the wedding ceremony. And what better way to have the rings brought to the couple than to have them placed and nestled right in the middle and on a beautiful, exquisitely decorated pillow.

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