Selecting a Bridal Tiara That Is Right For You!

Scrolls & Flowers Tiara in SilverThe wedding is probably the only time a girl gets to carry out her secret fantasy she’s always had since she was a little girl of always wanting to look like a princess. The beautiful scenic wedding setting, stunning dress, elegant accessories, the gorgeous veil and of course, a beautiful, exquisite tiara to complete the final look. No wedding look could be complete without a tiara.

Bridal tiaras are stylish and elegant and the perfect way to complete your wedding attire. When worn correctly, they can look tasteful and timeless and of course, make you look just like the princess you have always wanted to be on your wedding day. When the right one is selected, it is amazing how the tiara can transform a simple wedding dress into a beautiful one. But before you go and simply pluck any tiara which looks beautiful on the shelf, remember that just like everything else about your wedding look, there are certain rules every bride needs to bear in mind when selecting her wedding tiara.

Now, because you want to look like a beautiful, sophisticated and dignified woman on your wedding day and not like someone who went overboard with the wedding setup, your bridal tiara should help to accomplish this look. You want your guests to look at you on that day and say, “Wow! She looks stunning! Everything looks perfect on her” and not “Oh my goodness! What was she thinking?”

So ensure that you select one which looks natural with your wedding outfit and not over the top. Be mindful of what wedding accessories (and be sure that your accessories compliment your dress) you are going to wear on that day and select a tiara that will compliment them. It is also important that bridal tiaras compliments the shape of your face and suits the hairstyle you will have on that day. This is an important tip to be mindful of, because the tiara should flaunt the very best of yourself and not overwhelm you completely. When it compliments your face shape and hairstyle, the tiara can enhance your best features. You want people to be focused on you, and not be drawn to the top of your head by something that looks like it doesn’t belong there.

French Petals Tiara

French Petals Tiara

The bridal tiara you are going to wear should be simple, and yet look stylish and tasteful. You don’t necessarily have to follow all the “it” trends that are currently going on at the moment because your wedding pictures are going to last a lifetime. You wouldn’t want to look back in a few years and look out of date, would you? Absolutely not, so simple elegance is the best approach.

You should aim to be able to carry off your bridal tiara with elegance. Again do not be tempted to go for a similar tiara to the one you may have seen your favorite celebrity, or someone you admire, wear. Just like how every individual is unique, there is no such thing as a one tiara fits all concept. Just because your favorite celeb looks beautiful wearing a certain type of tiara, it does not mean that you could necessarily pull off the same look. What looks good on one person might not on another. So choose a tiara that suits you best, not something that looks good on someone else.

Bridal tiaras are usually made of material such as rhinestones, crystals and pearls. And like the dress and other wedding accessories, they too come in all sorts of shapes, designs and styles. Some tiaras are short or medium while others are tall. Some come in the shape of headbands or hairpins, while others are comb shaped. Some tiaras can be antique, while some can be designed to look like crowns.

It may be confusing at first trying to follow so many different rules, which is why the tiara should be one of the last few items to be selected. Once you have confirmed what dress, accessories and hairstyle you are going to go with on your wedding day, it is really not that difficult to know what to look for. Remember that everything about your ensemble should flow well together, creating a timeless, classy, elegant and beautiful effect. So have it down  exactly what you want on your wedding day, how you want to look, what you are going to wear, what jewelry and hairstyle you want and you are well on your way to selecting a beautiful tiara for the finishing touch. Just be sure you don’t change your mind about anything halfway through!

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