Silk Hydrangea Petals are Great to Lay on the Aisle

Flower petals are a traditional thing to place down the aisle when getting married. It is always so adorable seeing the little flower girls tossing the delicate petals on to the ground.

Silk Flower Petals Wedding DecorationYou can use fresh flower petals or silk flower petals to throw down the aisle, either one is beautiful. The benefits of real flower petals is that they smell very fresh and the downfall of real flower petals is they deteriorate very fast and creates messes more easily.

The good benefits of silk flowers is they last forever and won’t create a mess and the downfall is that they don’t have a scent and natural look.

If you desire fresh flowers or silk flowers, I think that either one will be a great choice. They both have benefits and downfalls but so does everything else in life.

The Silk Hydrangea Petals are wonderful, they look so real because of the silk’s texture. I would recommend silk out of any material because it is the closest imitation to the look of a real flower. The Hydrangea flower petals are in a beautiful white that will make your aisle absolutely magnificent.


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