Silver Plated Dolphin Bottle Opener for Beach Wedding Favours

If you are planning an ocean, beach, or water wedding than you got to consider everything from decorating to wedding favours. Wedding favours are really a treat when they are nice and thoughtful for the guests.

It really shows your guests how much you care about them and appreciate them for coming to celebrate you and your fiance’s glorious day. A wedding is special and important to you, but you also want others who come to remember the day too!

With great wedding favours in mind, the Silver Plated Dolphin Bottle Opener, will make it hard to forget a beautiful wedding.

Wedding Favours

I absolutely love the elegance and simplicity of these graceful dolphins. They look like as if they were swimming near the surface of the ocean wanting to take a peek at the dry world. These dolphins are plated in silver which gives it a fresh shimmery look that’s dazzling. These friendly dolphins have the greatest tricks for your guests, opening a bottle with their bare fins!

It is delightful to see such beautiful creatures put into such great use and beauty put together. The Silver Plated Dolphin Bottle Openers are really a treat and a great symbol for the ocean, beaches, and waters to use as a thank you gift for your guests.

A great idea for decorating your reception table is having a blue table cloth, like the one in this photo, to represent the waters that the dolphins swim in. You can use real ornaments from the ocean or sea and put that on the tables to give it a more realistic look. This will really add onto your wedding favours, the Silver Plated Dolphin Bottle Openers.

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